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How to Make Rattan Garden Furniture More Durable?

March 15, 2023 3 min read

The wonderful thing about rattan effect garden furniture is that it provides us with a comfortable space for outdoor activities. From curling up with a charming book and relaxing, to hosting a barbecue or gathering with family and friends; we make the most of our garden furniture. It's safe to say that we rely on our outdoor furniture for many occasions. While most rattan outdoor furniture is made from all-weather materials such as rust-proof powder-coated metal frames, UV-protective fabrics and foams, and synthetic rattan, taking certain precautions for your furniture can go a long way towards making them last and always look like new!

Protect your furniture from bad weather
Rattan garden furniture is made to withstand the elements, but ultimately all exposure takes its toll. When not in use, your furniture does not need to be exposed to the natural environment. This is especially true in the UK. Ensuring that your garden furniture remains in good condition during the rainy winter months as well as the rainy spring, autumn and even summer months is never easy. To make sure your furniture withstands the worst of the weather, reduce the signs of ageing caused by moisture, UV rays, snow and ice. Storing items under a protective cover will limit their exposure to sun and rain, thus doubling or even tripling their lifespan. Any kind of shelter that is not affected by the natural elements is a safe choice. If you have space in your shed/garage/basement, you store as many of your furniture items as possible during the off-season.

Keep your furniture clean
Even if your furniture is covered, it will still gather dust and rot if you don't clean it occasionally. Choose a sunny day and take the time to wash your furniture with mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Break up the dirt with a sponge and rinse off any soap residue with a hose. Give it time to dry before replacing the cushion or moving it back into the shade. If you take control of everything by giving your rattan garden table and chair a quick five-minute wash about once a week, you will avoid future headaches caused by accumulated dust, dirt and pollen.

Keep Your Rattan Garden Furniture Clean

Use cleaning products that are material safe
When cleaning rattan patio furniture, use a soft cloth. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners on rattan sofa. Chlorine and bleach may remove stains, but they will eat away at the surface of your sofa in the process. Abrasive cleaners are also problematic because they can scratch and dull the surface of your furniture, leaving unsightly marks and causing more problems. You should use a mild, natural detergent or cleaner. Also, do not use a pressure washer on rattan effect furniture. The force of the water may damage the fabric. You should also not use a foaming cleaner. This can leave a residue that promotes mold. If you do find signs of mold, a mild solution of water and white vinegar will help you restore the beauty of your furniture.

Put away cushions when not in use
Even the sturdiest fabric is susceptible to mildew; sun bleaching, and build-up from dirt and pollen. That’s why storing outdoor cushions somewhere cool and dry when you’re not using them is best practice. Storing your cushions and pillows will significantly extend their lifespan. When you store cushions, do not use plastic bags. Any storage container should be breathable. This minimizes the possibility of mold and mildew. It is recommended that you check your cushions once a week to ensure that they do not become moldy. Invest in a few outdoor storage boxes if you have space, or opt for an easy-to-reach indoor storage solution in your entryway or garage.

Cover or store furniture during the off-season
When summer comes to an end, it is vital that you store your rattan garden furniture correctly. Snow and extremely cold temperatures can significantly shorten the life of your furniture, and proper storage will ensure its long, enjoyable existence. An outdoor shed or garage will do the trick. Just be sure to properly wash and dry your items before storing them so they are ready to use and in tip-top shape when sunny days reappear. If you plan to store your furniture outside during the winter, it's a good idea to invest in a furniture cover. This is true no matter what it is made of. Your outdoor furniture is a huge investment. It makes sense to protect that investment and keep your furniture looking great for as long as possible.

Cover or Store Rattan Furniture During the Off-season

There are many steps you can take to protect your rattan garden furniture, but many of them are basic common sense. By reducing your exposure to the elements and being careful when using it, you've done most of the work. That said, we hope these tips will make your garden furniture more durable.


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