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How to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Weekend Gatherings?

June 09, 2022 4 min read

One of the best parts of warm weather is spending more time outdoors, and that includes any outdoor space you may have. Spending quality time with a small group of friends and family in the garden or backyard is enjoyable. But sometimes people think that outdoor gatherings are difficult to prepare for, and that's actually not the case. With five simple steps and plenty of preparation, you can quickly get your head straight.  To help get your outdoor space ready to entertain the people you love, we've provided some tips and suggestions to get your outdoor space ready for a weekend of partying and impressing your guests right away.

Keep neat and tidy
The first thing to do is to clean up your outdoor space. After all, it's inevitable that outdoor areas will have some cobwebs, or that cold as well as wet seasons will create additional dirt. For spaces that are more exposed to the outside elements, you can touch up any faded paint or stains, clean any dirty rocks and concrete, and rake away any dead leaves or debris that may have collected. Use a pressure washer, or some soapy water and a brush, to give the ground a good cleaning - you'll definitely want to avoid it getting slippery with lichen. If you have a beautiful garden, add a layer of mulch or do a quick mow to turn a tired lawn into a vibrant one. Of course, if you're taking things like rattan garden furniture or lawn decorations out of storage, give them a good scrub or wipe down to keep them in good condition. All of this will make your outdoor space look new again.

Keep Neat and Tidy

Provide seats
While some guests prefer to stand and mingle, most will enjoy having a seat to sit on, especially if you plan to serve food. A comfortable rattan sofa is a must for your garden party. Classic L-shaped are common around fire pits or tables, especially when stacked with lots of comfortable cushions and rugs for added comfort. Of course, the modular set is to give your outdoor area with more flexible arrangement. If you have a small outdoor space, you can choose a 2-seat rattan bistro set, which is perfect for having coffee with friends during lunch time, and can also provide you with a place to sit while reading books or a Sunday newspaper. These casual pieces of furniture also allow everyone to talk to each other in close proximity, creating the vibrant atmosphere you want.

Provide Seats with Rattan Corner Sofa

Add decorations
To create a beautiful outdoor space that your guests will love, take some time to decorate it with some stylish outdoor decoration. You can pick little things that echo your style and the ambiance you want your space to have. Consider rugs, things like pillows, tabletop decorations, lighting and weatherproof speakers for music sources as the most common decorative items. Using cushions, bunting and even patio rugs are perfect for creating a warm, inviting environment. Hanging some outdoor lights around your fence panels or scattering tea lights around the lawn and on paths will create a beautiful atmosphere. Music is also a great item to create a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Or you can decorate your rattan dining table, which will provide a more sophisticated dining experience for your guests.

Prepare food
Dining outdoors has always been one of the joys of summer. After all, there's nothing more appealing than entertaining family and guests at a party with delicious food and cold drinks. Barbecues are a very popular choice. Whether it's a bbq grill or an oven, they are both great cooking tools for you and your guests to enjoy the juicy flavors of steel pan sausages and mouth-watering burgers. Also you can prepare some chilled juices, ice buckets or even cocktail shakers. Choosing to display impressive desserts is also a good option. Fruit in champagne jelly always works well, or a delicious summer tart decorated with fresh berries and edible flowers. This will allow you to enjoy a delicious snack while still socializing. Remember that dining in a sunny part of the garden provides relaxation.

Prepare Food with BBQ Grill

Keep warm
If the fun continues into the evening, your garden may get a little chilly. To make sure your guests stay warm and cozy, have some cozy blankets on hand. To keep it even warmer, set up a small firepit table for your guests to gather around. When paired with the right seating, the fire pit creates a central point of gathering and relaxation and will be a focal point. Many come with lids that can be switched to table use when you don't want to build a fire, which is a great idea for compact spaces. Not only is this a guaranteed way to keep your guests happy, but it's the perfect way to end a great day with your favorite people.

Warm Up with a Firepit Table

Size doesn't matter when it comes to entertaining and gathering in your outdoor space, even if you have a small garden, a compact courtyard or maybe just a small front garden. With a good clean, some new plants and some personalized touches and stylish rattan garden furniture, you can make it a beautiful place to enjoy the space and entertain.

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