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How to Get Your Rattan furniture Ready for Summer?

March 24, 2022 3 min read

As the colder months come to an end and the sun comes out, the only place we want to be is outdoors. Having a garden of your own is ideal for the summer so you can sit on the garden corner sofa alone or with loved ones and soak up the sun. Many people neglect their garden furniture during the winter, so when summer returns they are eager to get it back in order in the garden. Fortunately, there are lots of quick and easy things you can do to get your furniture ready for summer, no matter how long it's been in storage.

In addition to your spring outdoor cleaning, now is the time to think about getting your rattan furniture outside, which will help get your garden back to social function in the summer. If you're thinking about what you should do to get your rattan effect furniture ready for summer, don't worry, these 4 basic ways to get your furniture ready for summer fast. All you need to do is follow each step and you'll be ready to use your rattan style furniture to prepare your garden for a season full of fun, sun and barbecues.

Rattan Garden Corner Sofa

After a long winter of storage, we will all be so eager to enjoy the sun that we will simply unfold the rattan table and chairs, or lift the protective cover and start using it. But those months in the garden shed or hiding under a plastic cover can also hide damage and wear and tear. First check the furniture for signs of damage, especially if it was not sealed intact when you stored it. Some dust or pests are likely to be causing damage to your furniture. Therefore, if you find animal droppings, dirt and debris on the rattan garden set, clean them well before using it. Just wash it with warm water and mild detergent, and then let it dry naturally on a breezy day, but in a cool place.

Just as the cold of winter is harsh on garden furniture, so is the heat of summer. How you treat and protect your rattan style furniture will depend on the material it is made of. Excessive UV rays can also have an effect on the life of your furniture. Garden furniture made from PE rattan is popular because it has longevity and resilience and requires little maintenance. On the other hand, natural rattan effect furniture needs to be cared for with care. Therefore it is a good idea to choose a new piece of coat for your furniture. Covering your furniture with a sofa cover when you are not using it will keep your furniture neat and tidy throughout the summer.

Cover Rattan Furniture

If your rattan table and chairs are looking a little tired even after cleaning and washing, you can always give it a new lease of life by giving it some color. In addition to varnish, there is a range of high quality garden paints and stains that will not only give your furniture a new look, but also provide a layer of protection. There are many beautiful colors to choose from, including pretty pinks, happy yellows and some delightful purples, greens and reds. There are also more neutral shades such as understated creams and of course the must-have gray of the moment. After choosing your favorite colors, you should have a clear understanding of how to color your rattan garden furniture so that you can ensure that your furniture is a successful piece for the summer.

If you still feel that your furniture is too monotonous, using rattan garden accessories looks bolder and improved in a good way. Accenting your furniture with it will bring a sophisticated ambiance to your garden. For example, you can choose cushions and outdoor floor cushions in different shades to match your rattan effect furniture, adding not only a splash of color and elegance to your lounge area, but also extra comfort. You can also use beautiful glasses, napkins and table mats as catering accessories and help your furniture. They are also very suitable for hiding some dents and dings that are easy to appear in rattan furniture for many years.

Decorate Rattan Furniture

When you prepare your furniture according to the above method, now all you need is plenty of summer sunshine. Then you can enjoy your outdoor garden party in the summer!

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