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How to Mix and Match Your Rattan Patio Furniture?

April 15, 2022 3 min read

The best way to spend your free time is to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and breeze in the courtyard with family and friends. After a busy week, all you want to do is lay back and relax on the garden corner sofa set. That's why the number of people who are increasingly interested in outdoor living areas continues to grow. If you want to have an attractive outdoor space, it is important to mix and match the right outdoor furniture for the overall aesthetic. Not only does it provide a neat outdoor space, but it can also help you update the style of your patio.

Of course, deciding to match our favorite pieces of furniture with each other isn't always easy. I'm sure you wouldn't just want to mix and match them together randomly, thus causing your space to look cluttered and disorganized. If you already own several rattan garden sets, then you may have the problem of how to mix and match different pieces of rattan effect furniture to achieve the best effect. In order to help you to beautify your outdoor space with rattan patio furniture, we offer some tips so that you can have a unique and charming outdoor patio.

Match colors and patterns
When mixing and matching furniture, color combinations are important because if you make the right choices, your outdoor living area will look very harmonious. Rattan furniture usually comes in different shades of neutral brown, black or gray. Use the same color in the two pieces of furniture you want to match, or combine different color parts together. If you have rattan garden table and chairs in dark and light colors, you can mix and match them to create contrast. Combining neutral colored rattan effect furniture may be a good choice if you want to completely relax your eyes. If your furniture is considered a bold color, such as orange, in order to achieve the perfect balance, you need some of the lighter or neutral colors of rattan effect furniture. Also, in most cases, although the woven pattern is the most prominent feature, as long as the colors are coordinated and the weaving is the same, the rattan will be well matched together.

Color-Matched Rattan Furniture

Coordinate layout and function
When you plan to mix and match different pieces of rattan effect furniture, coordinate their layout and function. If you have a larger outdoor space and want to create different lounge areas, you can keep them far enough apart from each other so that they don't overwhelm each other while still allowing them to be placed together when to create a cohesive design. Whereas smaller spaces may limit your furniture to some extent, you can place different rattan cube sets filling the perimeter, thus adding to the brightness of the space. At the same time, when mixing and matching rattan effect furniture, it is easy to accidentally create a disproportionate layout style. These are some common mistakes in arranging rattan patio furniture. This is especially easy for laying out rattan garden tables and chairs. So make sure that two pieces of rattan effect furniture are not placed directly side by side. Place all furniture evenly, as crowding can make mismatched furniture the focal point.

Well Arranged Rattan Furniture

Follow a harmonious design style
When mixing and matching your rattan effect furniture, keep in mind the overall look you want to create and ensure that the design style is harmonious, whether you want to create a rustic, modern or casual look. After all, you wouldn't pair a simple, sleek rattan sofa with a shabby rattan table if you wanted to create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere. If you want beach style, you can pair a blue rattan style sofa with a gray rattan garden table and chairs to create a cohesive look. And you want to create modern patio, you can match black and gray furniture. So, when mixing and matching your rattan effect furniture, make sure they are harmonious and unobtrusive when put together.

Uniform Style Rattan Furniture

Mixing and matching rattan furniture is important to the overall look of your patio. Furniture is a great addition to your outdoor space, and you need to get them right while matching them. The right color, layout and style are important factors to consider. Nevertheless, other factors such as your tastes and preferences, the space and the purpose of your patio are also crucial.

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