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How to Prevent the Firepit Table from Rusting?

September 14, 2022 4 min read

There is no doubt that firepit tables are outstanding outdoor centerpieces and wonderful outdoor amenities that have revolutionized outdoor living areas including outdoor entertainment. For the best table with fire pit experience, it should be kept in top condition and working order with proper care and maintenance. Maintenance may vary depending on the type of table with fire pit and the materials used to construct it. To prevent your table with fire pit from rusting, maintain its pristine appearance and ensure its efficient operation, there are a few simple precautions you can take that can improve the life of your outdoor fire pit table and ensure it remains rust-proof for years to come.

Apply vegetable oil
A good way to help protect your fire pit table set from anything that could because rust is to coat your fire pit with some sort of cooking oil. You can use oils such as canola, olive or vegetable oil. You will need to use a cloth to coat the entire fire bowl with a thin layer of oil inside and out. The oil coating needs to be very thin because you do not want the oil to build up on the fire bowl or burn while using the fire pit, creating an unpleasant odor. The oil will create a natural protective barrier on your table with fire pit, helping to protect it from the elements and fire when you use it. This method is easy to do and won't take long to complete, especially if you have a smaller fire pit bbq table. However, this method requires maintenance, as you will need to recoat your table with fire pit with oil after each season of use.

Use a protective cover
If your table with fire pit in middle is too large or heavy to move indoors, use a protective cover to insulate it from moisture. A metal fire pit table exposed to rain, snow or even sunlight is one of the fastest ways to let it start to rust and deteriorate quickly. And protective covers are the best defense against tables with fire pit that rust and eventually wear out. These fabric covers are made of durable, water-resistant materials that will keep your table with fire pit dry. Look for one with a toggle drawstring to ensure a comfortable fit. If you can't find one specific to your table with fire pit, you can check your local hardware store or online for one that is as close to your table with fire pit size as possible. Make sure you purchase a waterproof cover, as you will need to prevent moisture from entering the garden table with fire pit.

Firepit Table Cover

Clean it regularly
If you want to prevent your table with fire pit from starting to rust, it needs to be properly maintained and kept clean. It should be cleaned thoroughly after each use because the ash in a table with fire pit will absorb moisture from the air or rain. This ash and moisture mixture will then remain directly in the table with fire pit on the metal surface and may lead to rusting if not cleaned. This is the area of the outdoor fire pit table that is most susceptible to moisture, as the interior is most prone to rusting as it encounters heat during use. You need to make sure that this area of the table with fire pit is clean. When cleaning the fire pit table set, make sure the coals are completely out and that it is no longer hot; this is for your safety and to ensure that you do not start a wildfire from the hot ashes. Once these requirements are met, you can safely remove the ashes from the fire bowl. You can do this by dumping the ashes, or you can vacuum them.

Clean the Firepit Table

Add sand
To further help prevent rust in the fire bowl due to heat damage inside the outdoor fire pit set caused by overheating flames, use a natural internal heat barrier to help protect the table with fire pit. When you use a table with fire pit, the natural internal barrier can help prevent the paint or other protective coating inside the fire bowl from burning. This will naturally happen over time as you use it. A good natural internal barrier you can use is sand. You can start by placing a layer of sand in the bottom of the fire bowl before you place the wood in it. The sand will provide a layer of thermal protection against fire at the bottom of the fire bowl, as this is where it will receive the most heat. You can also use fireproof silica sand as this barrier, as it is very effective in fire pit bbq tables.

Add Sand in the Firepit Table

Deterioration in appearance, rust and eventual wear and tear may be inevitable for most metal tables with fire pit, but that doesn't mean you can't slow down the process. All you need to do is follow the above measures, which will prevent your table with fire pit from rusting and thus ensure the durability of your outdoor fire pit set. If you are looking for a table with fire pit that requires little to no maintenance and no worries about rust, give preference to materials that are heat resistant and rust proof so that your fire pit table can be guaranteed to last for a long time.

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