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How to Safely Put Out a Folding Fire Pit?

September 07, 2022 4 min read

Fire pits are a practical, fun and beautiful addition to any backyard. There's nothing better than gathering around a fire pit to relax with your family. If you are camping or just using a fire pit in your backyard, it is important to put it out properly. The fiery embers in a fire pit can become a dangerous fire hazard. The good news is that backyard fires caused by a collapsible fire pit can be prevented if you use it safely and extinguish it properly. Here are five steps you can take to safely extinguish your fire pit every time and have more fun outdoors with family and friends!

Stop adding fuel
Before you prepare to fight the fire, you should start by stopping to add wood or any other fuel you may use to keep the fire going. The goal here is to let the fire burn off most of the available "fuel" in the foldable fire pit so that there is no risk of ignition and burning when you are done. If you only let the logs burn off a little, you run the risk of starting a new fire when you least expect it. If you have a wood-burning fire, simply stop adding logs or sticks about 20 minutes before you are ready to put out the fire. Separate the logs with poker and then each log will burn independently. This speeds up the burning process.

Stop Adding Fuel to the Folding Fire Pit

Let the fire burn on its own
Once you stop providing more fuel to the fire in the folding camping fire pit, it will start to get smaller and smaller. This reduces the amount of flame you will need to put out later. Even if you have stopped adding fuel, you can speed up the burning process yourself by removing the ashes with a shovel or stick. Be careful not to flick the embers from the fire into the surroundings or to touch anything with your bare hands. Remember that even if a piece of wood or coal is not glowing red, it may still be very hot. Ideally, the fire will burn to ashes before you proceed to the next step. After you stop adding fuel, let the fire burn for at least 30 minutes. If you can wait 45 minutes, this is ideal.

Let the Fire in the Folding Fire Pit Burn on its Own

Suffocate or ‘Snuff’ the fire
When you are ready to extinguish a fire, you can use a bucket of water or a garden hose to do so. If you choose to use a hose, set the nozzle to the shower or spray setting, as direct water spray will create sparks. When you use water to put out a fire, remember to stay away from the flames. The heat from the fire will turn the water into boiling steam that could burn you or anyone nearby. When you pour water on the flames in a folding camping fire pit, you may hear sputtering or sizzling noises. You need to keep adding water until these sounds stop completely. Also be careful to cover every bit of ash in the water, even if it is not red or glowing.

Stir the ashes and embers
Once your fire is wet with water, the next step is to stir the ashes and embers with a poker or spatula. Even after adding water, the center of the embers will take a while to cool down. Therefore, stirring the camping bbq fire pit helps to dissipate the heat. You need to check it carefully to make sure that all the ashes and ashes are soaked. If you see any steam or hear any hot spots, you can always add more water to extinguish it completely. Ideally, you can put water on the ashes, stir and add more. Doing this a few times will ensure that no errant sparks fly out and ignite something.

You can also try using dirt or sand to put out an extinguished fire. Use a shovel to scoop dry sand or dirt into the fire pit to extinguish the fire. Next, you will need to stir it into the ash to make sure all the embers are completely gone. If you are using a metal folding fire pit, then the sand and dirt method is actually preferable. After all, water left in a metal pit can cause it to rust, so it's best to avoid using water in this type of fire pit. Another effective way to put out a fire pit without water is to use a snuff bottle. Snuffers are designed to sit on top of the fire pit like a lid and cut off the flow of oxygen to the fire to stop it from burning. By having the right tools and expertise, you can ensure that you can safely enjoy and extinguish a fire late at night. The right way to put out a fire will not only help protect yourself and your loved ones, it will also extend the life of your fire pit.

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