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How to Prevent Your Rattan Furniture Cushions from Deforming?

June 23, 2022 3 min read

Whether placed indoors or outdoors, the rattan sofa is the ideal choice of furniture for many people. It is the ideal place for many people to gather or relax, spend a long evening, or indulge in watching your favorite TV show. But furniture can start to wear and deteriorate over time, most commonly when its cushions are likely to sink. That's because most cushions are made of support cores wrapped in softer fill. If you don't take care of them, this fill will compress and move over time.

Sagging rattan sofa cushions usually provide poorer support for your back and posture. If you lean on a sagging cushion or even sleep on it, expect to experience a lot of back pain and minor neck pain - especially if your cushion starts to dent, sag and lose its firmness and elasticity. By taking proactive precautions ahead of time, you'll extend the life of your rattan effect furniture cushions and continue to have a pleasant experience!

Sagging Rattan Sofa Cushions

Fluff your cushions regularly
The rattan furniture cushion fill will naturally settle and condense over time, so we recommend that you fluff the cushions at least once every three months to help maintain their shape. First, remove the seat cushions and cushions from the rattan furniture. Grab a cushion in one hand and place it on one of its edges on the floor. Hold it upright and away from your body and, with your other hand, hit the front and back of the cushion several times repeatedly. You can do this with your hand or your fist or even a wooden spoon. Tap the side of each sofa cushion several times to reshape it. And repeat for all the cushions until you are satisfied with their fullness. And of course, don't forget to loosen the cushions as well, but if your cushions contain feathers and down, you will need to do more routine maintenance on them.

Turn the cushions over regularly
Whether it is a rattan garden corner sofa or a rattan garden chair, all seat cushions will compress to some degree. To ensure that the process is carried out evenly, you need to flip and turn the cushions and pillows occasionally (preferably once a week, but at least once a month). If possible, try to avoid sitting in the same place all the time. The cushions on some rattan chairs usually work in only one direction, which makes flipping problematic. An effective way to turn a cushion over: place it on the floor and walk around on it to redistribute the fill, then flip it over and do the same thing on the other side.

If you have a rattan style sofa with full cushions, you may notice that your seat cushions start to tilt slightly toward the front edge. This is because the fill is compressed where you are sitting (and you are not sitting on the back edge). Since the back of the cushion has a zipper, you can't just flip it over. Instead, you should unzip the cover and carefully remove the insert. You may need an extra pair of hands to squeeze the insert and get it out without damaging the zipper. Then turn the insert inside the cushion so that the compressed edges face the zipper, replace it into the cover, align the welts or seams, and rezip. Soon your cushion will be evenly compressed.

Turn Rattan Furniture Cushions over Regularly

Clean cushion covers regularly
Cleaning rattan furniture cushions can help them keep their shape and avoid sagging. No matter what the cushions are made of, they will attract dust and debris over time. Also, outdoor cushions can have some moisture in the air seeping into your cushions during seasons of high humidity. This means that your cushion fill will absorb a certain amount of moisture. Soft fill will become smaller after it has attached moisture and been squeezed. If your cushions are not cleaned in time, they will become flatter and flatter. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your furniture cover regularly. You should also take your outdoor cushions out into the sun, as the fill such as sponge and cotton wool will swell up after they have dried sufficiently. This will make your cushions more fluffy and soft.

All of the above are affordable and easy ways to prevent your rattan effect furniture cushions from deforming, start maintaining your cushions early and this will give your cushions a longer life. In addition to this, we also provide you with ways on how to reshape your sagging rattan furniture, mastering these will allow your sofa to provide you with more years of comfort.

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