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How to Reshape Sagging Rattan Furniture?

December 24, 2021 3 min read

As we all know, rattan furniture is made of plant vines. It is light and generous and intertwined, with both classical artistic style and modern fashion flavor. Especially for people living in noisy and fast-paced cities, putting it indoors can make your life more comfortable and feel the atmosphere of close contact with nature at home. In addition, put it in your outdoor garden, weaving fine production technology, in line with the garden design of the courtyard, but also reveals a kind of poetic flavor. For example, the popular rattan sofa is very suitable for relaxation and entertainment, and it provides us with a good place to relax. Especially when you come to the end of a tight and busy working day and a leisurely day off, it's a pleasure to sit on your rattan indoor sofa and relax.

Although it can provide us with comfortable service, unfortunately, furniture seats made of rattan may sag over time. As we all know, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a sunken seat. This not only harms the beauty but also affects the comfort of the furniture. So, if you have the same problem, you might as well check it out. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why the furniture is sagging, and we hope you can find out some of them. At the same time, we will also provide ways to solve this problem, so as to help you solve it in time and prevent it from happening in the near future.

Sagging Rattan Table and Chairs Set

Causes of sagging it:
There are two kinds of rattan style furniture materials on the market without exception, one is natural rattan and the other is synthetic rattan. According to their respective characteristics, natural rattan has the contraction and extension properties of plants, while synthetic rattan is made of artificial materials. Therefore, the degree of sagging in the seat will be quite different. Compared with synthetic rattan, the seat area of natural rattan is more likely to stretch. On the one hand, because the cross section of rattan is covered with fine ducts, furniture made of dried natural rattan fiber can absorb a certain amount of water. On the other hand, in rainy season, if too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft and loose in structure, which will lead to the sagging of the seat plane. Synthetic rattan does not have the ability to absorb water, so don't worry about this factor. However, inferior synthetic rattan may also cause sagging under human factors.

Besides natural factors, human factors cannot be ignored. Most rattan sofa sets are equipped with cushions. Please don't ignore the importance of cushions. Some people may take the seat cushion away because of the sultry weather or dislike the texture of the seat cushion. However, when you sit directly on the furniture without the seat cushion, it will lead to uneven stress in the seat area of the furniture. After long-term use, uneven pressure and stretching will cause your furniture woven with rattan to sag. At the same time, without the protection of the seat cushion, kneeling on the rattan furniture or using it as a ladder or footstool is also an important reason for furniture sagging.

Ways to reshape sagging it:
Please don't worry if your rattan furniture set only sags slightly and is found in time. You can use moisture to repair the sagging rattan table and chairs set. Turn the chair upside down so that the drooping part faces upwards. Place a wet towel or sponge on the sagging fiber to keep the moisture away from the rattan furniture frame. Let the towel dry in place overnight. Let the furniture cure for a few days before use. Furniture fibers shrink back to their original positions tightly when they are dried. At the same time, the furniture can be sprayed with plant spray every month. Make sure that each rattan is coated with a light and uniform coating. It is important to keep the seats tight so that they can distribute the weight evenly. In addition, please do not take away the seat cushion from your sofa. It can protect your furniture well. If chairs are designed to be used without cushions, they will have extra support under the seats to prevent sagging, so the cushion can be ignored. However,if you do this and the sag is still too much, you may need to use more and thicker cushions. Alternatively, you can change chairs or sofa from the set, but it is best to avoid this.

The above is all valid information about the sagging of the furniture. Fortunately, once you find out the reason, you can use some of the methods we discussed in this article without having to buy another rattan chair or sofa again.

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