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What to Do If Your Rattan Furniture Gets Wet?

December 30, 2021 3 min read

Durable and lightweight rattan outdoor furniture provides a natural beauty, which can last for decades or even generations, and add attraction to your outdoor space. As we all know, rattan is a kind of palm tree. They don't grow like trees, but grow along other vegetation such as vines. Their fibers are separated and dried into flexible and durable materials, which are very suitable for weaving into furniture and other items. But it is a kind of dry plant fiber, which can't bear too much moisture, and may stretch or decompose under humid conditions. Even so, there is still hope for the recovery of the moist rattan that has absorbed water.

Outdoor, the furniture will inevitably be washed by rain. If your furniture is made of synthetic rattan, then you don't have to worry too much, because it is usually designed for outdoor use. On the contrary, if it is made of natural rattan, it is best to put it indoors or cover it, because too much rain will seriously damage delicate fibers. If you are confused about this and don't know how to deal with it, you might as well read on to benefit from it.

Effects of water on it
1. Damage to furniture structure. Rattan furniture is usually made by weaving. They dry rattan to ensure that they are strong enough to maintain the function of the particular furniture. However, if natural rattan is saturated with water, that is, if they are exposed to a large amount of water for a long time and do not have enough time to dry, they will lose their structural support. But please rest assured that a slight splash of water or occasional light rain will not damage the furniture.

2. Emit an odor. Another consequence of the high level of moisture in rattan style furniture is the smell. The longer the furniture has had a mold or mildew problem, the greater the likelihood of an odor problem. This is because natural rattan can actually rot when infected with mold or mildew. The odor is the result of this decay. This odor is truly offensive, especially when visitors and guests are involved.

3. Cause mold and mildew. If wet rattan does not dry out, the large amount of moisture or dampness will be the perfect place for bacteria to grow. Bacteria and mold can get stuck between the rattan strips and over time these bacteria can take over a large part of the furniture. Mold is particularly prevalent when it comes to the presence of moisture and sunlight. It can cause the piece of furniture to lose its structural integrity and lead to a reduction in its aesthetic appeal.

4. Loss of finish. Staining and painting are some of the ways in which rattan corner sofa sets can be finished. Finishes give rattan more life, while also allowing them to be easily incorporated into your home or workplace according to a color scheme. When too much paint is exposed to water, it will slowly but surely lose its glossy finish. Especially when mold encroaches on furniture, it will increase and aggravate this problem. It can lead directly to staining or even fading of that furniture, or even the use of finishes that chip and peel.

Wet Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Ways to restore it when gets wet
1. Wick up water. If rattan style furniture gets wet, removing the moisture as thoroughly and quickly as possible will help prevent damage, such as cracked paint or sagging, soft fibers. Gently pressing an absorbent towel against the sides of the rattan, for example the sides of a sofa or the backrest, will transfer some of the moisture from the rattan to the towel. Press gently and evenly, taking care not to bend or twist the parts or they may become distorted. Continue until you have absorbed as much water as possible.

2. Blow-drying. Set the hairdryer to low heat and gently move it across the rattan furniture to help dry damp areas. Move the hairdryer every 5 or 10 seconds to avoid over-drying the rattan fibers as they may become brittle. If conditions permit, leave the piece of furniture outside in dry weather and let it sit for at least a day, or a few days if the weather permits. If outside ventilation is not possible, place it in a room that is not damp and turn on a ceiling fan or portable fan, but do not blow air directly into the rattan. The air circulation will help the furniture to dry faster than in a space without a fan.

The above is the effective information about this furniture after it is wet. If you live in a place with high humidity or frequent rain, it is a better choice to invest in a set of furniture made of high-quality synthetic rattan, so as to help you cope with all kinds of weather easily.

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