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How to Secure Rattan Garden Furniture Set from Theft?

April 01, 2022 3 min read

A garden is a beautiful extension of your indoor living space, and it can be a pleasure to use it in pleasant weather. Many of us are fortunate enough to have beautiful outdoor spaces, and they go to great lengths to beautify them with rattan garden table and chairs, rattan day beds and sun umbrellas. All of these carefully selected pieces can work together to create your dream home. However, as summer ends, some unguarded and light-weight rattan effectfurniture can easily become the target of thieves. If you want to stop thieves from absconding with your furniture, there are several ways you can help to better protect it. This article will explore the various ways you can do this, and these methods can help you rest easy when leaving your rattan garden set outside.

Rattan Garden Set

Store it in a garage or shed
While some rattan corner sofa sets may be too large to move and store regularly, some rattan effect furniture is small enough that it is usually not a problem. Keep in mind that smaller items are usually more vulnerable to theft than larger items because they are easier to take with you. If you can, consider storing larger furniture, especially when it is cold in the year. After all, there is little chance that they can be used outdoors. By storing them in a garage or shed, for example, you can greatly reduce the chances of them being stolen. And protect your furniture from bad weather by storing it in your garage. If you decide to leave your rattan furniture in the garage, be sure to cover it with a cover or park it under an awning. In the garage, you can keep your furniture clean and dust-free.

Store Rattan Furniture in a Garage or Shed

Lock it up
This is the easiest and simplest way to secure your rattan garden furniture set. If you cannot or do not want to store your furniture inside, this is the second best option. Put the chain through the frame of the piece of furniture. You can then attach the chain to a sturdy post. On the one hand, you can secure larger rattan effect furniture to the ground, and on the other hand, your furniture will remain safe in extreme weather. For smaller rattan garden set, you can use steel cables. All you have to do is tie the smaller piece of furniture to the larger one and secure it with a lock. If you don't want to bolt the larger rattan effect furniture to the floor, you can use steel cables to tie all the furniture together. Cutting the cables is very difficult and when your furniture is tangled, it is almost impossible for thieves to steal them.

Secure it with ground anchors
Securing your rattan garden furniture to your patio with ground anchors can also deter some thieves. If your patio can be drilled, you can use expanding eyebolts or ring anchors to secure your furniture. However, it is best to use multiple anchor points. This will allow you to place your furniture in different locations around the patio, making it difficult for thieves to find and easily move all your furniture. It is also a way to keep your rattan furniture from blowing away by the wind during inclement weather. While this means that you can protect them permanently, you are not free to move them.

Install security cameras or alarms
Precautions are essential for those who do not have enough space in their garage or shed to store their rattan garden furniture sets. One such step is to install cameras and an alarm system to scare away thieves. Installing cameras on your house will help protect your garden as well as your furniture. This can be a major investment, but it is well worth it considering that potential thieves can get away with it. This is because no matter where you are, you can receive alerts and check the area to easily identify any visible thieves who are trying to help themselves to your property. This way even if you have a luxury rattan corner sofa set in your garden, you can leave it outdoors without any problems.

It makes sense to keep your rattan garden furniture set safe, even if it means spending more money in the process. After all, nothing can hinder your summer experience more than waking up the night before fully furnished to find that all of your garden furniture is gone. So, we hope the above tips will help you keep your furniture safe.

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