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How to Stop Cushions Slipping off Rattan Furniture?

May 13, 2022 3 min read

This can be very annoying if the cushions placed on the furniture slide around a lot,especially if you want to relax while sitting on a rattan sofa outdoors in the fresh air. In addition to ruining your relaxing experience when using your sofa, they can make your sofa and seats look cluttered. The main cause of slippage is that the cushions are not properly fixed or secured in place. This happens when the cushions get old and thin and lose their original shape and size. Of course, the type of material used for the cushion and seat is also a cause. Below, there are many different ways to stop outdoor cushions from sliding off of rattan furniture. Learn to prevent your cushions from sliding, make sure they are comfortable to sit on, and keep your patio space neat and tidy.

Method 1: Use Velcro
Using Velcro strips underneath rattan garden furniture cushions one of the easiest ways to solve this annoying problem. The tape you choose should be durable and sturdy to ensure functionality and durability. The process is simple. Velcro's double-sided textured surface has an adhesive backing that sticks together when pressed together. Apply one side of the strip to the cushion and use the adhesive side to hold it in place. The next step is to attach the other side to the rattan sofa. This helps hold it in place and allows you to lift the cushion easily. This will prevent your cushion from sliding around and will also prevent it from being thrown to the floor. The Velcro strip you choose should fit your cushion and the length of the strip should be proportional to the cushion you want to secure.

Fix Rattan Furniture with Velcro

Method 2: Use Non-Slip Rubberized Mats
Another way is to place non-slip rubberized mats under the cushions to make sure they don't slide around. These non-slip mats provide better grip for your cushion. They are easy to install and remove. When you sit down, this will help to hold the cushion tightly in place so that you feel more comfortable overall. It is a non-stick underlay. And these mats do not require any sewing and are affordable. Available in pre-cut non-slip rubber mats, they are easily resized to match your rattan chairs and sofas. On the market, non-slip mats are available in a variety of sizes, designs and materials so you can pick and choose according to your personal preference. These non-slip mats are very suitable for bench style seating rattan garden furniture. It is an option that does not require effort or sewing ability.

Place Non-Slip Cushions on the Rattan Sofa

Method 3: Use Ties
Adding ties to your cushion is a great way to keep it from sliding around your rattan chairs. With the variety of colors available, you can choose a ribbon that matches your table and chairs perfectly. Place the cushion on the furniture and see where you can tie the cushion to the furniture frame. Mark the spot where you want to tie the tie. We chose to tie two ties on the back of each seat cushion. Adjust to the size and shape of the cushion and furniture frame. Punch holes in the corner edges of the cushion, tie the thread through the holes, and using a needle, pull the end of the tie back through the hole and knot the end on the back of the pillow. Then wrap the cushion around the chair through the ties. Once all your cushions are tied, the cushion will remain in place until you decide to untie it.

Tighten Rattan Furniture and Cushions with Ties

Method 4: Use Cushion Grippers
You can also use cushion clamps. These are tiny self-adhesive fasteners that you can attach to the rattan furniture cushion and the seat. You can use two or three clamps or hooks at each corner of the cushion to secure it to the chair. The advantage of this method is that you can remove the clamps at any time and some can be reused.

Thanks to our outdoor cushions, it's possible to relax comfortably on a piece of beautiful outdoor furniture. Cushions can thin out and lose their shape and size over time, and it's important to keep your rattan furniture cushions in great shape. If you don't want to move your cushions from time to time, then learning how to prevent outdoor cushions from sliding is essential. The 4 methods described above all provide solutions to your sliding outdoor cushions problem, so that you can enjoy the view from the comfort of your chair.

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