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How to Use Your Portable Fire Pit Safely on Grass?

August 31, 2022 4 min read

It can be fun to sit outside in your backyard or garden on a nice, cozy evening. Many people like to have a fire outside so they can relax and spend the evening chatting with friends. And since the backyard is mostly grass, unless you have a dedicated fire pit set up, the ideal location for your charcoal fire pit may be on the grass. However, you may be concerned about whether the heat emanating from underneath the fire pit will completely destroy the grass. We've put together important tips for using a portable fire pit on grass that will ensure you stay safe, won't damage your grass, and can enjoy a cozy spot next to the fire without having to worry about it. So if you want to have a nice evening with your family or friends in your garden and enjoy a nice bonfire, but you don't want to ruin the grass, this is what you can do.

Use a protective mat under the fire pit
The best thing to do when using a fire pit on grass is to use a protective underlayment underneath. It adds an extra layer of protection for the grass from the heat and any embers that spill out of the fire pit. If you plan to grill in your yard, bring a fire pit heat shield with you. It is designed to provide protection for grass that may be damaged by fire or heat. The heat shield is easy to use and is especially suitable for portable bbq fire pits. You don't have to assemble anything, just place the heat shield under the fire pit.

If you are going camping, bring a fire mat with you. This fire pit mat is the best solution to prevent any outdoor activity from catching fire because it doesn't take up too much space. You can simply fold it and place it in a bag next to your picnic blanket. Fireproof mats are easy to use. You should place them on the grass and put the portable outdoor fire pit on top. By doing this, you will protect the grass from flames or any other heat damage. Aside from their portability, fire pads are the preferred solution because of their size. They are larger than heat shields and can cover a larger surface.

Use a Protective Mat Under the Portable Fire Pit

Make sure the grass is moist
When the grass dries out, it burns fast. It is also a great fire starter and perfect for lighting your fire. When your lawn is very dry, it will catch fire more easily and this will be something you want to avoid. Any embers or sparks in the portable fire pit can cause the hay to catch fire. If this happens, it will spread quickly and could cause damage to your lawn! Therefore, if the weather is particularly hot and dry, and you can see that your grass is getting very dry as a result, it is important to thoroughly water not only the area where you intend to place the fire pit, but also the good area around it so that any stray embers don't have the slightest chance of igniting.

Make Sure the Grass is Moist Around the Portable Fire Pit

Move the fire pit regularly
You may not have heard, but heat stress in grass can cause considerable damage, not only in the short term, but to the long-term health of your lawn as well. This is an important consideration since your fire pit temperatures can reach over 600 degrees Fahrenheit! Heat stress is usually caused by dry, hot conditions, especially in the summer, and it reduces the grass's ability to resist weeds and increases its vulnerability to insect damage. A fire pit can exacerbate this problem in and around the area where it is located. So moving your portable outdoor fire pit regularly is a good way to help ensure that a specific part of your grass is not damaged beyond repair. Don't fix a spot on your lawn for your fire pit. It can compress the area of the lawn. You can move it from one place to another in your yard. But please make sure to hold it carefully. Also, make sure it is in a safe place.

Move the Portable Fire Pit Regularly

Never use lighter liquids or other fuels
It may be tempting to light your fire with a lighter liquid or other accelerant, but I would advise against it. Lighter liquids and fuels will create an immediate fire. Flames can quickly spread around a charcoal fire pit, and they can cause heat stress and damage your backyard grass. Instead, you can use other materials such as wood or paper to reduce heat contact instead of using an igniter as a safer option.

Always prepare a hose or extinguisher
Even if you know what to put on your lawn and apply it to it, if you plan to put portable charcoal fire pits on your lawn, always make sure there is a hose or fire extinguisher nearby. This is a safety precaution in case some debris flies into your lawn from the fire pit, or if someone accidentally dumps the fire pit. If they are within your range, you can prevent the fire from causing damage to your lawn.

If you remember and follow the above tips for using a portable fire pit on grass, then there is no doubt that you will be able to avoid the headaches caused by a damaged lawn and enjoy the benefits of a warm fire on your lawn in a safe manner.

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