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What are the Styling Ideas for a 3 Piece Rattan Patio Set?

August 31, 2022 3 min read

Spending time outdoors is a great way to entertain, get some fresh air and relax. When it comes to your outdoor furniture, deciding on the best way to enjoy your outdoor space can be challenging. Especially when there aren't many options that are both beautiful and functional in the face of tight spaces. Instead of hauling out folding chairs every time you want to go outside, consider a rattan bistro set. This is a simple solution to the problem of seating in small spaces. However many people may give up the possibility of decorating them because of the smallness of the space, but in fact it is easy to design their creative shape and create the feeling and comfort you want in your space with just a few simple tips.

Add color and texture with pillows
One of the first ways to make your 3 piece rattan patio set more pleasing and stylish is to add color. You can do this with some properly placed pillows. There are many options to consider. For example, a solid color pillow, especially a bright or vibrant color. It also helps to immediately draw the eye to a comfortable seating area. This pop of color can be an impressive look. Or choose a geometric pattern. If your rattan bistro table and chairs is basic in color and style, it may look a bit dull. An affordable way to add interest and visual appeal to the area is to use geometric pillows. Choose one that has interesting colors and patterns. Using pillows with stripes or lines is also well worth the investment. This is a great way to create more interest while also introducing more than one color into your space. You can also use them to complement and offset solid-colored pillows.

Add Color and Texture to Rattan Patio Set with Pillows

Create a conversation set style with a rug
The next step in turning your space into a warm and inviting area is to combine everything with a rug. Rugs are perfect for outdoor living spaces. Place one under your 3 piece rattan bistro set to create a more formal seating area. The rug helps define the area. It also creates more interest and appeal to the area. There are several ways to use rugs to create stunning spaces. Start by looking at the size you need for your space. In most cases, a 3-piece rattan effect bistro set will require at least a 5×7 rug. However, if you need more space, expand outward. Always make sure to choose an outdoor rug, as this will help it stand up to the elements and will usually last for years. If you have a black or other dark rattan garden furniture bistro set, you can choose a matching rug to make everything blend together and be less noticeable. A better option may be to use the rug as a base for the entire space. For example, place a solid rug in a lighter color under a darker set. This helps the patio set stand out. Or, for something a little more modern, choose something with more color, like a North Shore sky blue outdoor rug. If you don't want something so bright, but want to create a sense of elegance, tone down the color a bit.

 Create a Conversation Set Style for Rattan Patio Set

Add some functional elements
Your 3 piece rattan patio set may be just a few places to sit and relax. If this is the case, you can fill the area with some functional pieces. You can have a lot of fun with these pieces to help you and your guests relax a bit. If you want to enjoy a roaring fire, pairing your rattan bistro set for 2 with a fire pit is one of the best creative looks. These accessories come in a variety of styles, and if you have enough outdoor space you can choose an outdoor table with a built-in fire pit in the center. With a fire pit, you can hang out for hours even when the sun goes down. They are perfect for making s'mores and chatting with your guests, and they also make great outdoor focal points. If your outdoor space is open air, use a shade umbrella to provide extra shade. Awnings that extend from the roofline are another great way to provide cool shade for your guests. Remember, you want your lounge area to be pleasant and a shaded area will make everyone feel more comfortable.

Add Some Functional Elements to Rattan Patio Set

If you want to provide you with a pleasant place to be when the weather is nice, then your outdoor space will need a rattan bistro set. A lovely set of rattan patio furniture will expand your living space nicely, and will also easily provide you with a comfortable and beautiful outdoor experience with the three styling ideas above.


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