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IKEA Garden Furniture VS Rattan Tree Garden Furniture

January 27, 2022 3 min read

Whether you're planning some barbecues and outdoor parties in the garden or on the patio, or just want to hang out outside, there's no denying that outdoor garden furniture is a must-have. Especially if you can find some weatherproof furniture, which means you don't have to drag your outdoor furniture indoors when it suddenly pours in the middle of every barbecue. It also provides a comfortable place for you and your family to gather or relax on a warm summer's day in sunny weather. Rattan garden furniture is an ideal choice of furniture for this purpose. After all, rattan is durable and its weather resistance is well known. This makes it the furniture of choice for many when it comes to creating a relaxing outdoor retreat and enjoying carefree summer days.

However, with the huge variety of rattan furniture on the market, it can be difficult to pick a piece of furniture that is of satisfactory quality and fits your budget. But buying that type of garden furniture is not a daunting task as long as you know where to look. Some of the biggest retailers and online sites offer a huge selection. Even better, they occasionally sell discounted outdoor furniture or offer great discounts during the holiday season, so you can save some money on these big-ticket items. Of course, these retailers offer a wide range of furniture types, materials and looks, so you can easily find the right choice to match your garden and home decoration. IKEA, as a large and well-known furniture retailer, often serves as the go-to place for furniture for many people. However, for some people who love rattan style furniture, retailers that specialize in this type of furniture are also a good choice. If you don't know how to choose between these two types of furniture retailer, here's a comparison of our own garden furniture with IKEA's garden furniture to give you a better idea of the differences between the two types of furniture retailers and make a choice.

Rattan Garden fFurniture of Ikea

Assembling method
IKEA furniture and rattan tree garden furniture are available in an incomplete assembly. All items are flat packed and therefore require assembly. When you see our products, they are unassembled or minimally assembled. Flat-packed furniture is usually cheaper than fully assembled furniture. This is not the case with IKEA furniture. They are a little more expensive than our similar items. Nevertheless, the advantage of IKEA's flat-pack furniture is that you can buy individual items. If you just need an outdoor rattan chair or a rattan modular sofa, IKEA can provide them for you. However, there may be a situation where purchasing individual items may not exactly match any existing furniture you may have. Although we do not offer individual items, the warranty clause that comes with them gives you a guarantee of replacement in the event of any damage.

Delivery method
IKEA deliveries can be made by offline pick-up or online parcel delivery. When shopping at an IKEA showroom, you can take your furniture home the same day if the item is in stock and you can put it in your car. This is perfect for mid-summer purchases, when you want to take your furniture home and use it immediately. However, if you want to have your furniture delivered to your door via online parcel delivery, then the cost of delivery will depend on the size of the furniture. Rattan tree garden furniture is delivered primarily via online parcel delivery. Whatever the size of the rattan effect garden furniture you purchase, we offer completely free delivery. This is a great option for those who want to save money and don't have the time to go to the shop to pick up their furniture.

Service method
Rattantree, as a website specializing in the sale of rattan garden furniture, has a professional customer service team. Whether you need help placing orders and learning more about our products and services, they can provide you with guidance and help, so as to get a more comprehensive understanding of the information you want. In IKEA stores, there are more self-service options, and you need to find some information and deal with problems on your own initiative. This may mean that some of your problems cannot be effectively solved.

Wherever you choose to buy your rattan furniture from, don't overlook the quality of the furniture material. Weatherproof PE synthetic rattan is definitely a priority factor for outdoor gardens. The rest you can make a more informed purchase choice based on your personal preferences and needs.

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