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Is an Electric Patio Heater Worth Buying?

April 15, 2022 3 min read

Due to the unpredictable weather in the UK, temperatures can fluctuate dramatically even in mid-summer. If you have an outdoor electric heater, this will allow you to stay outside longer. As long as there is enough heat to keep everyone warm, then you can spend the next few minutes or even hours outside without worrying about catching a chill. Outdoor heating in your garden will also make it easier to enjoy the fresh air late at night throughout the fall, spring and summer.

An electric patio heater would be ideal for your patio, and for many good reasons. These heaters are much more stylish than in years past, with tabletop, wall-mounted and freestanding options available. In fact, most of these heaters don't even look like heaters, as they can easily blend into any decoration. In addition, most of today's outdoor electric patio heater rely on infrared heating, which makes it easier for the heat to rise and spread to your patio area. If you're still not sure whether it's the best choice for your patio, check out the various benefits it can offer you in detail.

It offers a convenient way to heating
One of the most attractive advantages of heating outdoor areas with a modern electric patio heater is their simplicity and flexible design. It's easy to operate by simply plugging in and flicking a switch, without any valves, ignition components, moving parts or burners. These heaters use common household electrical outlets, which makes them a very convenient way to quickly add warmth to your outdoor space. It also produces heat without releasing any greenhouse gases or other emissions, so it doesn't require any type of extensive installation or any type of ventilation system.

Modern Electric Patio Heater

It heats instantly and efficiently
Heat from outdoor electric heaters is instant and efficient, and they convert up to 98% of their energy into heat using a heat transfer method called radiant heat. Radiant heat is transferred directly to people or objects, so no energy is wasted to heat the air. The heat generated is not carried by the wind, making it the most efficient way to heat outdoor spaces. In contrast, conventional types waste a lot of energy by using convection to heat the air around them. This means you won't feel warm for long. Also most freestanding electric patio heaters can heat in a circular area so that you want a particular area to heat up much more efficiently and quickly.

Rapid Heating Electric Patio Heater

It produces zero carbon emissions
When used to heat an outdoor room, an electric outdoor heater is usually safer than a gas heater. It does not cause any damage to the air and does not absorb anything from it. These heating solutions are very environmentally friendly. On the one hand, gas and oil heaters require fossil fuels to work, which eventually leads to toxic carbon dioxide emissions. These emissions are a risk to the environment and to the people who breathe them. And if you choose to purchase an outdoor electric patio heater, you will get a quiet heating tool that does not require a fan or motor, which is useful. Its quiet operating system allows you to keep your outdoor space quiet, talk quietly with family or friends, read a book or just hang around and enjoy your evening without any noisy distractions.

It is easy to use, maintain and clean
The electric patio heater is easy to use and low maintenance because you only need to plug it in anywhere there is an outlet. Whether your outlet is located outside or just inside a door near your patio, electric heaters can be placed almost anywhere you like, whether it's next to your favorite chair, in a corner or elsewhere. What's more, they can also be used in covered or partially enclosed spaces, unlike their natural gas and propane counterparts that must be used in areas with air circulation. To keep your patio heater fully functional, you simply need to check all electrical connections annually to make sure there aren't any damaged wires or cords. Checking the connections regularly will ensure that your heater stays clean and in proper working condition.

Aside from all the benefits an electric outdoor heater can provide, the biggest advantage is this: more time spent outdoors with friends, family and guests. If you're worried about the colder months taking away your time in the sun, it is worthwhile to invest in a patio electric heater that will keep you warm and comfortable in any season.

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