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Is Rattan Furniture Really Durable?

October 15, 2021 3 min read

With the accelerated pace of life and the improvement of living standards in modern cities, people have begun to pay more attention to the choice of outdoor furniture. Nowadays, in order to pursue the close integration of man and nature, many people are more willing to choose rustic furniture which is opposite to the fast pace of the city. Therefore, rattan furniture with pastoral style has become the first choice in many people's minds. The rattan style furniture is fresh, natural, and elegant, which brings a warm feeling to modern people. For example, putting the rattan corner sofa set indoor can not only make the living room look more beautiful but also help people save more space. What's more, putting it outdoor will make your garden or patio more elegant and unique. If you already have a beautiful garden and then add this kind of furniture to decorate it, who would not like to come to your garden party?

With the increasing attention to rattan style furniture, people also have some concerns. As the summer in Britain is unpredictable, the rain will often become an uninvited guest and try its best to destroy the fun you are enjoying. Therefore, when people look around the garden furniture, one of the most concerning problems maybe the weather. The furniture you bought at a large price definitely hopes not only to be beautiful in appearance but also to be durable. So people will have a doubt, is rattan furniture really durable? But don't worry. I will answer your doubt through two questions in this article, hoping to help you solve this doubt.

Q1: Can I leave the furniture made of PE rattan outside?
The answer is yes. Rattan is a vine growing in the tropical rain forest, which is light and tough, so it can weave furniture of various forms. At present, most rattan cane used for making rattan furniture set in the market is PE synthetic rattan made by special treatment. This rattan cane is composed of many plastic elements, which endow it with natural resistance to ultraviolet rays of the sun and never rust or rot. Even if exposed to the sun or rain for a long time, this rattan cane will not easily deform and crack. Therefore, you can leave your rattan garden furniture outside. However, if you want to keep your furniture outside all year round, it will be gradually damaged without proper protection measures. Here, I'll give you two maintenance methods. First, because your furniture is put outdoors for a long time, there are many places where ash is hidden on the surface. So I suggest you vacuum it first, then wipe it with a wet cloth, and finally dry it with a soft cloth. Second, it is suggested that you buy a suitable protective cover to cover it. You know, although rattan style furniture can be placed outside, it is not invulnerable. Therefore, if it can be properly protected outdoor, its durability will last longer and better.Rattan Chairs
Q2: Are all rattan furniture weatherproof?
The answer is no. As we all know, rattan can be divided into two types. One is natural rattan, the other is synthetic rattan. Because natural rattan has not been specially treated, if left outdoor for a long time in hot summer or cold winter, it will crack quickly due to strong sunlight or frost. Therefore, furniture made of this rattan has poor durability and short service life. On the contrary, rattan furniture made of synthetic rattan is the best choice, while PE synthetic rattan is the most widely used. Due to special treatment, this rattan can not only resist ultraviolet rays but is also weatherproof. This means that any sudden rain, snow, or hail will not damage your outdoor rattan garden furniture. Therefore, not all rattan style furniture can be weatherproof. Only rattan style garden tables and chairs made of PE synthetic rattan has good durability and long service life.

In a word, rattan garden furniture  made of PE rattan has good durability. Because of its durable materials, rattan cane is weatherproof and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Even if it is used outdoors for several years, it will not be damaged, so it is a good choice for outdoor furniture. But if you protect it properly, its durability and service life will be longer.

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