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What Do You Need to Consider When You Buy Rattan Furniture Online?

October 15, 2021 4 min read

With the development of science and technology, internet is an indispensable thing in today's society. Of course, our life is inseparable from the internet. On the internet, we can study, communicate, shop and watch videos. Nowadays, as a new fashionable trend, online shopping is more and more popular. Maybe it is because you can buy the goods which are interested in online without going out, or the price of online goods is much more favorable than in reality. Anyway, online shopping really makes our life more convenient and saves time.

Like online shopping, rattan effect outdoor furniture has become more and more popular in recent years. I think it is largely because its quality and comfort are superior to those of traditional garden furniture sets. And it can save more space for the living room or garden of the householder while keeping beautiful. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people prefer to buy rattan furniture online. Because this way can not only save time, but also provide people with more choices. But online shopping is also a double-edged sword, because you can't get in touch with the goods directly, so it inevitably brings some risks. Therefore, when you buy rattan garden furniture online, you really need to take much time to compare and select carefully to avoid buying furniture with high price but poor quality. In order to ensure that you can buy your favorite rattan furniture with good quality, I will help you to list some aspects that need attention and worth considering when buying.

Rattan Corner Sofa
· Product size
I think the size of products is the first thing to consider when buying. If a product is too big or too small, it will adversely affect your indoor or outdoor style. But when you buy furniture online, some pictures provided by online sellers may be taken from special angles, which will make the products look bigger than the actual ones. Therefore, I suggest you write down the size of rattan furniture you are considering in advance and check the size as soon as you get it. For example, you will be surprised to find that even a few difference in rattan garden sofa will have different effects on comfort.

· Cushion material & Filling
There are many different materials for the cushions on outdoor rattan corner sofas. Although some materials are good, some materials must be avoided. A good cushion is one of the most important factors affecting comfort, so you should choose carefully when purchasing. Acrylic and olefin fabrics have become one of the best fabrics for rattan outdoor furniture due to their durability and fading resistance, but this is the highest cost among all materials. Unfortunately, many online sellers and manufacturers will not produce this kind of cushion, because it will increase the production cost by about 20%. Instead, polyester fabrics are the most commonly used in rattan garden furniture, because they are durable and cheap. But not all polyester cushions have good quality. Therefore, I suggest you pay attention to the density of the cushion first. The higher the density, the better the fabric quality. Secondly, you can look at the workmanship. The cushion with good quality is even and smooth, with delicate texture. In addition, the stitching of the cushion is also very important. But now some online sellers sell cushions made of cotton thread which is much cheaper than polyester thread. We all know that cotton will rot, and the seam of this cushion will crack within one or two years of use. Therefore, I suggest you check with the online sellers before buying to ensure that the cushion you bought is stitched with polyester thread.

The fillings in the cushion cannot be ignored too. They vary greatly in comfort, service life and price, so please make sure you know what the fillings of the cushion you are considering buying is. The main filling types in cushion include sponge, fiber cotton and the foam wrapped with fiber. Among them, the most expensive and the best quality is the foam wrapped with fiber, because it can recover quickly even if it is damaged by weather. Besides, fiber cotton is also a better choice. On the one hand, the price is relatively cheap; on the other hand, the softness and elasticity are relatively good. Although the cushion filled with sponge has a good shape and is flat when sitting on it, it will become thinner after a long time and easily crack. Therefore, before you buy the cushion for your rattan furniture, don't forget to ask the online sellers about the fillings of the cushion.

· Rattan quality
There are many types of rattan materials, including PVC, PU and PE. Although PVC and PU synthetic rattan materials are relatively cheap, they are not weatherproof and easy to crack in hot or cold environments. But PE synthetic rattan is waterproof and weatherproof, and is not affected by the environment. Therefore, it is a good choice to buy rattan style outdoor sofa made of PE synthetic rattan.

To sum up, when you buy rattan garden furniture online, there are many things for you to pay attention to and consider. In this article, I only list three aspects that need to be considered most when buying. And I hope this article can help you to choose better quality furniture for your home.

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