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Natural VS Synthetic Rattan Furniture

December 02, 2021 3 min read

In the past few decades, rattan has gradually become a popular material for garden furniture because of its unique beauty. We can see it in gardens, porches and terraces all over the world. At the same time, with its visual appeal, durability, robustness and relatively low maintenance costs, this type of furniture has attracted the hearts of many garden owners. However, with the increase in demand for rattan furniture, natural rattan has been in short supply. In addition, in order to make up for some of the shortcomings of natural rattan, synthetic rattan came into being. Although the appearance of the furniture made by them is very similar, there are still differences in comfort, durability and price. You can understand their respective advantages by comparing and analyzing the furniture of these two different materials. Choose the most suitable furniture for your home.

Synthetic Rattan Furniture

From the name, it is not difficult for us to distinguish the difference between them. Natural rattan is vine-like species that grow naturally and are made of pure plants. In contrast, synthetic rattan is artificial. Synthetic rattan is basically made of plastic, but not all plastics are the same. Most of them are made of artificial polymers such as PE, PU, and PVC. Therefore, the synthetic rattan tends to be fully waterproof, they will not rot, fade or deteriorate.

In appearance, natural and synthetic rattan furniture is generally similar. But natural materials have a unique charm. High-quality natural materials in terms of texture and beauty, synthetic materials are still difficult to fully copy. The pattern of natural rattan cannot be imitated by man-made. Although the appearance of synthetic rattan is very similar to the peeled shape of rattan, there is no special or unique pattern. However, for most people, the natural and synthetic rattan indoor furniture on the market is still difficult to distinguish in appearance. In addition, no matter what kind of rattan style furniture is on the market, there are differences in style and color, and the design style and color also have a great impact on the appearance of furniture.

Many people care about not only the differences in their appearance, but also the comfort between them. There is no great difference in comfort between the two kinds of furniture. The biggest factor affecting comfort is quality and design. The relatively fine rattan furniture will be more comfortable, while the rougher rattan furniture will be less comfortable. In addition, these furniture come with cushions also have a great impact on comfort.

Natural rattan and synthetic rattan are both strong and durable, but there is one essential difference: synthetic rattan outdoor furniture is weatherproof and ultraviolet, while natural rattan cannot withstand all weather conditions. They may crack if they are exposed to the sun for a long time. At the same time, natural rattan will rot in a wet environment, and if it is left in the rain, it will soon begin to deteriorate. The synthetic rattan effect garden furniture is mostly made of plastic, and most sets are resistant to all weather conditions. Therefore, most of the natural rattan indoor furniture will be more suitable for indoor placement, which will make their service life longer and more durable. Of course, if you must want to put them outdoors, then you must make corresponding protection measures according to the characteristics of natural rattan. Furniture made of synthetic rattan can be well adapted to indoor and outdoor, whether you want to put it in the living room and garden, there is no problem, and do not have to do too much protection.

Natural rattan is very expensive and difficult to obtain, so they are usually more expensive than synthetic rattan furniture sets. But the price of the high-quality furniture carefully made in synthetic rattan will not be too different from that of natural rattan. The processing of raw materials, production process and design will affect the setting of prices. But in terms of cost performance, because the synthetic rattan will be more durable, stronger and longer in service life, the synthetic rattan furniture set is more cost-effective.

Which is better, synthetic or natural rattan furniture set, has different standards for different people. Each of them has its own value. Of course, if you are more seeking durability and cost-effectiveness, furniture woven with synthetic rattan will be a more ideal choice. But if you can take good care of your furniture, furniture woven with natural rattan will also be a good choice.

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