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Why Rattan Furniture is the Trend for 2022?

December 02, 2021 3 min read

Furniture not only provides the function of use, but also carries the role of decoration. If you choose a stylish piece of furniture, it can surely become a highlight of your home. Faced with different trends every year, we are eager to keep up with the trends. Next, we will introduce you to one of the furniture trends for 2022. Namely, this is rattan furniture.

Rattan style furniture, one of the classic natural furniture, has been at the peak of popularity in recent years. It is stylish, beautiful and light, and blends perfectly with any landscape, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing decorative pieces for both indoors and outdoors. Many people are fascinated by it. So, let's take a look at what specific characteristics make the furniture woven with rattan a trend for 2022.

A Versatile Style
Rattan is a material that can look good in almost any space, so popular with many designers. Both modern and classic styles of furniture can be perfectly prepared with rattan. For example, the most common black rattan sofa has been widely used in the home and outside on the patio. At the same time, the furniture woven with rattan can be matched with many different accessories, which can create a different style. If you combine it with bohemian accessories, it is a warm and easygoing feeling. Combined with rustic accessories, it is a minimalist style. Of course if you like a luxurious style, the simplicity of the rattan itself will not contradict it.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
Sustainability and environmental protection are important factors to ensure that they can remain popular. As people become more aware of environmental protection, they are paying more and more attention to the recyclability and environmental friendliness of raw materials. Harmful materials, even if they are popular for a while, will soon be eliminated in the near future. Rattan is a natural material for sustainable living. A fast-growing plant that enjoys the heat and humidity of the tropics, it sends out new shoots to grow as soon as you cut the long, woody stems. At the same time, as a biodegradable raw material, rattan not only does not destroy the ecosystem, but also does not produce harmful substances to our body. That's why rattan has been used since long ago and is one of the reasons why rattan furniture is a classic piece of furniture.

A Practical Home Addition
Rattan indoor furniture in addition to its environmental protection and style diversification, its durability is also a great advantage. Compared with the same type of wooden furniture and metal furniture, the furniture woven with rattan is easy to rot after being used for a long time. Of course, you can also choose hardwood products, but this kind of furniture is not the cheapest and most environmentally friendly. Metal furniture, on the other hand, is easy to rust and has a break point, which means it will bend and cannot be repaired. The rattan furniture set is not only durable but also very easy to clean, the rattan itself has the characteristics of firmness and durability, coupled with special treatment, adds a layer of protection for the natural rattan. If you need to rejuvenate after a long winter, just brush it or wash it with warm water and let it dry in the mild summer breeze. Therefore, people not only realize its aesthetics as furniture, but also attach importance to its practical value.

Minimalist Rattan Furniture

Minimalist Color Matching
Most of the colors of rattan style furniture are based on gray, black or brown. And these colors are all neutral and minimalist, and they will never go out of style, no matter what period they are in. Brown, the original color of rattan, has always served as a classic furniture color, and this color is perfect for integrating into your garden. Black rattan outdoor furniture will highlight the dignified and elegant temperament. In addition, dark furniture will be more resistant to dirt and can well cover up some minor defects. Gray is a light color simple style furniture color that is popular recently, which is more suitable for creating a modern simple style. From this, it is not difficult to see that furniture woven with rattan of any color can bring a simple and natural atmosphere to our home.

Anything that can be popular and has always been popular has its unique reasons and charm. I believe that rattan style furniture can also shine in 2022 with its unique charm.

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