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Rattan Furniture is Popular for Its Environmental Friendliness

June 29, 2021 5 min read

Rattan furniture is one kind of the oldest furniture in the world. In India and the Philippines, rattan has been used to make various kinds of furniture since ancient times. In the 17th century, rattan furniture was brought to Europe by European merchant ships and then became popular. People use rattan to make living utensils, including rattan beds, cabinets, tables, desks, sofas, and other products. After learning from the furniture market, we know that rattan furniture set is becoming more and more popular among consumers due to the naturalness of the material and the environmental friendliness of the product.

Rattan Outdoor Sofa Set

1. The Most Environmentally Friendly Low-Carbon Furniture

Rattan is a thorny palm climbing plant that grows in tropical forests. It has strong regeneration ability and the longest rhizome among plants. Since rattan is biodegradable, the use of rattan garden furniture is conducive to environmental protection. Rattan furniture relies on traditional craftsmanship, and it is made of natural materials, so it rarely uses chemical elements that are harmful to the human body and the environment. It is well-recognized as green and environmentally friendly low-carbon furniture.

The frame of rattan furniture is woven according to the ergonomics, so it is soft and flexible, it's ideal for sedentary office staff for relaxation. Rattan furniture is highly breathable and cool in summer, especially suitable for hot and humid areas. Even in winter, rattan garden furniture can also bring the warmth of nature. The rattan chair can also be a warm seat if equipped with a cushion or fur. Rattan furniture set has become a fashion for home decoration, reflecting people's increased environmental awareness and the desire to return to nature.

2. The Popular Trend of Rattan Furniture

At present, many styles of rattan furniture coexist in the market, with both high, middle, and low grades, thus consumers have a lot of choices.

  • Southeast Asian Style Prevails

    The production areas of rattan are mainly concentrated in Southeast Asian countries, and the rattan furniture set on the market is mostly in Southeast Asian style. Southeast Asian style home design advocates the preservation of the naturalness, authenticity of things and the emphasis on hand craftsmanship. The color and luster follow tones of the original rattan and log, mostly in brown or other dark colors, which gives people a natural and simple visual feeling and represents a natural and simple life attitude. Coupled with the embellishment of fabrics, it will look more active. In the selection of fabric tones, Southeast Asia style mostly use dazzling color series, mainly in dark colors. They will change color under the light, revealing extravagance in calmness.

  • Pastoral Style is Popular

    Rattan furniture set has inherent advantages. The pastoral style with simplicity as the main feature reproduced the essence of rattan. Rattan furniture is mainly made of rattan, and sometimes substituted by wood, and its manufacturing process is mostly a combination of bending, piercing, and polishing. Rattan furniture is woven in various weaving techniques, with great emphasis on symmetry.

  • European and American Styles are also Popular

    The European and American style rattan furniture is luxurious and elegant, most of it is mahogany, and its materials are carved. Dark high-end fabrics with embroidery are often used to match it, which makes it look luxurious. European and American style rattan furniture is mostly used in luxury villas.

  • Synthetic Rattan Furniture Is also Popular

    Since the scarcity of raw materials, synthetic rattan furniture came into being and the range of its raw materials is constantly expanding. In addition to Indonesian rattan, some rattans that cannot be counted as rattan in the strict sense are often used for rattan furniture, such as water plants in Malaysian rivers, wood veneers in Thailand, and white wax strips in Northern Europe. Although these materials are completely different from rattan, their texture, shape, and even characteristics are very similar.

Rattan Dining Set
3. Enthusiasm for Buying Rattan Furniture is Spreading

With the renewal of the design concept, rattan furniture has become more ornamental. People like rattan furniture, but also have certain nostalgia. Due to the small number of manufacturers, the total market share of rattan furniture is low, less than 5%.

Rattan furniture set focuses on mid-to-high-end products. Taking mid-end rattan furniture as an example, a full set of rattan furniture with with 2 rattan corner sofa sections, 1 rattan armchair, and 1 rattan coffee table will cost about 5,000 dollar. Its consumers are mainly financially capable families over 30 years old. Compared with rattan furniture, young people are keener on fashionable products, and even if some people like them, most of them cannot afford them.

4. The Arrangement of Rattan Furniture

In a dark space, dark brown or brown rattan furniture is usually more suitable and then decorated with beige, light brown, or brown tablecloths or cushions of the same color. For light-colored spaces, one should choose light-colored rattan furniture with lively and bright cushions and cloth decorations, which will make people feel elegant and generous.

Putting one or two pots of small green plants on the whole set of rattan sofa, desks, and tables can not only make the living room more exquisite, but also exude the fresh air of the water in the forest.

  • How to Select Rattan Furniture

    Material Reorganization: the material determines the quality. There are bamboo rattan (also known as agate rattan), white rattan and red rattan. The quality of rattan from Southeast Asia is good. Among them, Indonesia's rattan is the best. It has high toughness, uniform lines and strong durability, but it is relatively expensive.

    Craftsmanship Investigation: The top-quality rattan has a smooth surface and a delicate touch. It not only has good toughness, but also has mothproof and moisture-proof properties. The rattan that grows in the soil has to undergo more than 50 special treatments before it qualified as material. To make rattan furniture, it still must be steamed, soaked, sprayed, painted, and assembled.

    Rattan Furniture Manufacturers Selection: Choose well-known factories and stores as much as possible to ensure the quality of rattan furniture.

    Trial sitting: It is better to sit on the rattan furniture before buying to observe whether there is shaking and check whether the crunching noise will be produced when the force is too heavy.

  • Maintenance and Cleaning of Rattan Furniture

    Properly maintained rattan furniture set can make the appearance look new throughout the year. The rattan furniture should be kept away from the sun, and translucent gauze curtains can be used to avoid direct sunlight, so as to prevent the rattan from fading; it is also necessary to avoid being close to fire and heat sources as much as possible to prevent the bonding part from becoming dry and weak due to heat. Rattan furniture should not be placed in humid places such as bathrooms.

    Don't just use rattan furniture set in summer. Rattan furniture will become brighter and stronger after being rubbed with skin. When there is dust, it can be wiped with light saltwater to remove dirt and enhance toughness. For thorough cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean up the gaps in the furniture.

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