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The Correct Cleaning and Maintenance Method of Rattan Sofa

June 29, 2021 2 min read

The Rattan furniture is highly durable. It has natural craftsmanship and is woven from completely natural rattan, so it is widely loved by many people. Rattan sofa is more expensive, thus it will inevitably be a little distressing if it is damaged, but as long as the correct methods are applied with timely cleaning and care, it can be used for decades. Here are some correct cleaning methods.

Rattan Modular Sofa

Mistake of the Cleaning of Rattan Sofa
It is wrong to use a wet cloth when cleaning the dirt on the rattan sofa, because its water stains will firmly absorb the dirt in crevices between the rattans, producing a counterproductive effect. In this way, the rattan sofa may look clean on the surface, but it actually hides the dirt in deep and hard-to-reach areas.

The following are some correct cleaning methods:

  1. Use a dry cloth or feather duster to wipe some dust from the inside out.
  2. Use a small household vacuum cleaner to clean the crevices of the rattan sofa thoroughly.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush like a toothbrush to gently wipe away the remaining dust in the crevices.
  4. Wipe the rattan sofa thoroughly with a slightly damp cloth.
  5. After the surface of the rattan soft is air-dried, sand it with sandpaper to keep it as smooth as new.
  6. Finally, apply a thin layer of oil, then let it air-dry in a cool place.

Corner Rattan Sofa with Table

The Maintenance of Rattan Sofa
  • The rattan sofa set will be easily deformed if it gets wet, so it cannot be washed or placed in a humid place.
  • Place the rattan garden sofa far from direct sunlight to prevent it from going brittle and yellow due to excessive ultraviolet radiation.
  • The rattan sofa set will easily soften, go brittle, and crack when exposed to high temperatures, so it should not be placed near a heater, stove, or other heat sources.
  • Rattan sofas are susceptible to moths. Once found, some insect-proof methods will be necessary to be adopted in time.
  • The surface of rattan is water-absorbing, so it will make the rattan sofa soft and moldy after long-term absorption of moisture in the air, we must ensure that its surrounding environment is ventilated.
  • Clean the dust on the rattan sofa regularly to facilitate its maintenance.
Notices for the Use of Rattan Sofa
  1. Handle and lift the rattan sofa set gently and don’t pull it hard. Otherwise, it may fall apart due to the cracked rattan.
  2. Place the rattan sofa as flat as possible to prevent it from tilting or even turning over.
  3. Do not clean the rattan sofa with boiling water.
  4. Do not place high-concentration alcohol, banana oil, or other chemical solvents on the rattan sofa.

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