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Rattan Furniture VS Bamboo Furniture

February 11, 2022 3 min read

Furniture is one of those purchases that will have a long-term impact on your house, both aesthetically and on the health of the residents. At the same time, with environmental protection technology becoming the pillar of our daily life, people's interest in sustainable furniture continues to grow. Therefore, when we provide furniture for our home, even if we want furniture that will look fashionable for many years to come, considering that environmental and climate issues are our primary tasks, we still give priority to eco-friendly furniture made from sustainable materials. Fortunately, as more and more brands focus on environmental protection, the types of eco-furniture with good value for money are also increasing.

Among the most popular choices of environmental protection furniture materials, bamboo and rattan have the double characteristics of attractive appearance and durability. For furniture manufacturers, they are a kind of material with a wide range of uses, which can be used for various materials of modern furniture such as coffee tables, sofas and bookshelves. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that the furniture made of them occupies an important position in balconies, courtyards, gardens and living rooms. However, they look very similar, so there is a common misunderstanding that bamboo and rattan style furniture are the same thing. This means that you may face a lot of confusion when purchasing them. Once you have a better understanding of them, it will be easier for you to make wise decisions.

Bamboo Furniture
Bamboo furniture is made from one of the strongest species of grass, bamboo. It grows in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Bamboo is durable and has many uses. The plant grows quickly and is resistant to fungi, weeds and insects. Sunlight and water are the only things bamboo needs to grow. The main difference compared to rattan furniture set is the interior, where bamboo is hollow. However, bamboo is very strong, so it is not flexible and any bending will break it.

As a result, milled, polished and finished bamboo furniture is very durable, can easily withstand daily use and is more resistant to damage than typical hardwoods. At the same time, bamboo furniture is resistant to expansion or contraction caused by atmospheric changes; it can withstand changes from moist to dry air as well as changes in temperature. However, if it gets wet and is not treated promptly then it can be damaged by exposure to damp and humid conditions. For this reason bamboo furniture is for the most part more suitable for indoor use. However bamboo furniture can be placed on a covered balcony, terrace or veranda to avoid direct exposure to the sun and rain. When left unused on a balcony, it is recommended to cover it with a waterproof cover.

Bamboo Furniture

Rattan Furniture
Rattan style furniture commonly found on the market is made from two main types of material, natural rattan and synthetic rattan. Natural rattan is a type of vine that grows around tropical palm trees in South East Asia. Each vine has a very strong solid core. It can be heated and steamed to create a bend, something that hard bamboo cannot do. Modern synthetic rattan, on the other hand, is made of durable UV-resistant and weatherproof resin that is unaffected by sun, rain or heat.

Furniture made from natural rattan is more suitable for indoor use, as is bamboo furniture. Water and moisture promote decay and mold growth, which can deteriorate bamboo and natural rattan, while very dry air can cause them to crack. Synthetic rattan outdoor furniture, on the other hand, works well outdoors, even when exposed to direct sunlight, rain, temperature changes or humidity will have no effect on it. Therefore, if you need to entertain guests in your outdoor garden or terrace, a synthetic rattan garden dining set would be a more ideal choice.

After reading the above article, I am sure you have a detailed understanding of rattan and bamboo furniture respectively. They both work well to decorate your green home. If you are choosing furniture for your interior, you can make your choice according to your preferences. But if you are choosing furniture for your outdoor garden and terrace, synthetic rattan furniture will be preferable to bamboo furniture.

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