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What Mistakes Should be Avoided When Purchasing Rattan Garden Furniture?

February 11, 2022 4 min read

A suitable piece of outdoor furniture allows you to sit comfortably in your outdoor garden with your friends and family, while enjoying the combination of nature and good weather. And in recent years, rattan garden furniture has become so popular because it is a high-quality piece of garden furniture that is durable and long-lasting. If you are attracted to it, you may wish it to suit the look of your home and the style of our garden or backyard when choosing this type of garden furniture. So when browsing through these garden furniture, you are easily captivated by the variety of shapes, sizes and shapes. This means that the furniture you buy is likely to be unsatisfactory in other ways. If you can know a few things first before you go online or go to a furniture store to buy, you can avoid this problem. In this article, you'll find some of the most common mistakes people make when choosing this type of furniture. Stay away from these rattan effect garden furniture purchase mistakes and you can immediately turn your garden into an amazing and very comfortable place.

Not Measuring Before You Buy
Accurate measurements provide the perfect basis for buying the right rattan outdoor furniture. You need to make sure that the sofa or table and chairs you buy not only fit into the available patio space or garden area, but also have enough surrounding space to function properly. If this is not the case then you may find yourself dragging the furniture around while trying to access different areas, or worse still causing damage, such as knocking a dining chair into a wall because it was squeezed too tightly. So measure your space before you buy. Once you've done this, compare the dimensions with those of your rattan furniture set before you buy, making sure you leave enough space around the furniture for adequate comfort.

Not researching the materials or quality
What your rattan furniture is made of can greatly affect the longevity of this piece of furniture. In the outdoors, furniture is subjected to a wide range of weather conditions. The materials available on the market are divided into natural rattan and synthetic rattan. If you live in a particularly humid area, natural rattan can rot quickly and requires a lot of maintenance to keep intact. Some of the cheaper synthetic rattan is less weather resistant and your furniture will not survive well in extreme weather. The best of the synthetic rattan is made from PE, which is less likely to fade, rot and become brittle. This means that it can withstand harsh weather conditions and is guaranteed to last a long time.

Not focused on function but appearance
Buying outdoor furniture is easily attracted by fashionable and charming colors and finishes. But if you only pay attention to the appearance of furniture woven with rattan without considering its function, it is unlikely that it will really work or stand the test of time. If your friends often come to dinner or drink, or if you have children, they will want to play with friends. Then you may need a rattan furniture set with a large seating capacity. If it is used for relaxing in your back garden, corner sofa or casual dining set will be better.

Quality Rattan Garden Furniture

Not paying attention to the framework
The frame of the furniture also plays an important role. Cheap and low quality sets often have substandard frames, leading to deterioration over time. If you are buying a piece of rattan style garden furniture, you need to make sure it is built on top of a steel frame. But not just on a plain frame, the steel frame should be powder coated. Steel is a strong and sturdy metal, making it the perfect frame material to support your weight over time. However, if the steel frame is powder coated, this ensures that the material lasts longer, with rust and corrosion resistant properties. Powder-coated steel frames also ensure that your set is better protected against rain, frost and snow.

Not considering weather factors
Don't forget to consider the weather conditions and environment in your area. The weather in the UK is not always consistent, but we do know that we will have four seasons. Some places may receive a little more rainfall than others, coastal towns may be a little windier and northern cities may have colder temperatures. These things are important because the weather can directly age our garden furniture. If you are near the sea then the salty air may damage some metal frames, so you need to make sure that your rattan outdoor furniture is protected with the correct protective coating. If you live in a windy area then heavier weight rattan style furniture would be a better choice.

These are the five mistakes you should avoid in purchasing rattan furniture. Even mistakes that sometimes seem trivial can have a huge impact. If you want to choose comfortable and quality garden furniture, learn to avoid the above misunderstandings. This is because quality furniture is absolutely more durable, and more effective in providing practicality for your garden.

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