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What are the Stylish Color Combinations for Rattan Garden Furniture?

June 23, 2022 3 min read

Your garden is an extension of your living space and the ideal place to entertain. From al fresco dinners to barbecues and family picnics, a garden helps make the most of long summer evenings. When the weather warms up, it's a great time to get out the rattan garden furniture and start thinking about the season's outdoor activities and entertaining. Different colors of rattan effect furniture will bring a different style and look to your garden. Celebrate a perfect summer with the right vibe and ambiance by choosing the perfect furniture color combination for your garden. If you don't know much about color rules, don't worry! We've put together 3 of the most stylish rattan effect garden furniture color combinations, and we're confident that one of these combinations will suit your personality, lifestyle and outdoor space to help inspire you to create a space that is colorful, fun and reminiscent of summer sun.

Black and white
Black and white is a classic color scheme that will never go out of style. The most neutral shades, black and white, are known to be the most practical and easy to use. Update your outdoor space to a modern look more easily when you choose black and white rattan furniture set. Black rattan provides a base color that brings a sense of authority, sophistication and mystery. And the soft white cushions create a crisp and comfortable atmosphere. Adding a rattan outdoor dining set in black and white tones to your garden or patio can help your layout look classic, elegant and even casual. At the same time, when you pair black and white rattan style outdoor furniture with comfortable patio sections and modern planters, this crisp look will complement the natural backdrop of your yard or garden. Of course, we recommend purchasing white pillowcases or cushions made of special waterproof fabrics or ones that can be thrown in the washing machine for a quick clean, which will bring you more convenience for subsequent cleaning and maintenance.

Black and White Rattan Garden Furniture

Red and brown
Red pairs perfectly with the brown tones of natural materials, this striking color scheme that has made a lasting impression on this year's outdoor furniture design trends. The red sofa cushions and pillows stand out while serving as a decorative addition to any rattan garden sofa set. Furniture in this color is perfect for any room where you want to create a romantic atmosphere. This color combination is playful, cheerful and fresh with rustic undertones that easily create a warm feeling. These colors are perfect for decorating a patio garden when you want to have a space with a bohemian feel. These colors are also very versatile, so you can bring them indoors as well. Whether it's outdoors on the patio or in the living room of your home, this kind of color combination rattan garden furniture will make everything look brighter. This is especially useful if you want to avoid the monotony of winter colors. This color combination is perfect for adding some greenery to soften the dark tones and add a little brightness to your furniture. Also, hanging some strings of lights will add warmth and function to your patio, especially if you plan to spend time outdoors after dark.

Red and Brown Rattan Garden Furniture

Grey and blue
Grey can easily fit into any design aesthetic whether the style is bold, traditional or modern. That's what makes grey rattan furniture the most popular among people. Versatile and modern, gray can be paired with either muted or darker shades to coordinate with these colors. And with gray rattan as the base color enhancing any accent tones, choosing a brighter color can make a bolder statement. The combination of blue and gray is a very fashionable and popular pairing. The gray rattan creates a full and comfortable feel, while the bright blue cushions add a beachy touch. Therefore, gray and navy are perfect for beach-themed decoration. Rattan garden furniture in these two color combinations is a great choice for creating an environment reminiscent of summer relaxation and the feeling of sandy toes in the ocean. If you are looking for an easy way to create a coastal style outdoor area, furniture in this color combination can help you easily create the laid-back atmosphere of an outdoor resort to enjoy time with family and friends.

Grey and Blue Rattan Garden Furniture

These are three stylish and popular rattan garden furniture color combinations, and we're sure there's one to suit your personality, lifestyle and outdoor space.

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