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When Should You Replace Your Rattan Furniture Cushions?

June 24, 2022 4 min read

the Importance of Rattan Furniture Cushions

Soft and comfortable cushions are an important part of the rattan furniture set. Not only do they provide comfort for you and your guests, they also bring color and style to your outdoor space, making it welcoming, relaxing or simply gorgeous. Unfortunately, because your garden furniture is exposed to strong sunlight, rain, wind and dirt, the fabric and padding of the cushions may deteriorate after a few years. To keep your garden furniture looking its best, it's important to replace your rattan garden furniture cushions in a timely manner. Read on to find out what outdoor cushions you should replace once. This will help you determine if you need to renew them.

In most cases, the discoloration of cushions is caused by the use of time. Different cushion material discoloration color situation also varies. Often, spills and stains that can corrode the fabric when cleaned with chemicals can cause discoloration. Due to exposure to sunlight, sunlight can damage certain areas of the fabric more easily than others. Also, outdoor cushions for rattan furniture are most often yellow stains. You may not realize that you sweat during sleep or rest, but it can still happen. The face or head leaning on the pillow releases sweat hour after hour, and the sweat passes through the pillowcase into the pillow. Moisture, such as lying with wet hair, can also discolor pillows, and chemicals in certain types of cosmetics or skin products can discolor cushions or pillows. Outdoor seat cushions that were once bright and vibrant lose their luster and are no longer attractive. They make your rattan furniture look old and worn, which indicates that it's time to replace them.

Wear and tear
Significant wear and tear occurs when the fabric of your outdoor seat cushion becomes thin or even breaks due to age. Sometimes, holes may appear in the fabric due to cigarette burns or other accidents. Actual tears in the material along the seams are usually due to poor quality fabric causing the seams to break. However, the same thing can happen when the cushion is too old. Mold growth can also occur when your rattan furniture cushion becomes worn, which is the perfect environment for mold to grow and multiply. This means that mold can easily reach the fiberfill inside the cushion. If you have a lot of mold on your cushion, it is no longer a cosmetic issue, but can pose a safety risk to you and your family's health.

With proper care and maintenance, quality rattan furniture cushion can last for many years. However, despite the good condition, sometimes they need to be replaced. It is not the life span of the cushion that determines that moment, but the change in aesthetics. You may want to update the color scheme. If you are planning to update your outdoor living space and introduce new colors, then it is wise to pick cushion covers. Different colors and patterns of cushions can bring a different look to your garden furniture. When you want to change the feel of your patio, replacing cushions can be an affordable and convenient way to do so. Using removable outdoor cushions for rattan furniture allows you to easily change your cushion covers to suit your tastes based on seasonal changes and the style of your outdoor space.

Fashionable Rattan Furniture Cushions

Stains can destroy anything beautiful. Some oil stains, blood stains or sweat stains are easily imprinted and cannot be removed. If you don't act quickly, no matter how stain-resistant the fabric is, you can't save your rattan garden furniture cushions. In some cases, you can't remove stains from the mat, regardless of using various detergent products and methods. Hard-to-remove stains can make your furniture look dull and worn out. Although you can tolerate some small stains here and there, when you are faced with too many stains, it is time to replace the outdoor seat cushion.

Garden furniture is an excellent complement to any outdoor space, and outdoor cushions are accessories that make any garden furniture complete and comfortable. Sometimes, it is not the fabric of the cushion that needs to be replaced, but the cushion filler or itself. Over time, the foam in rattan sofa cushions will compress, losing its volume and support until the cushion looks droopy and flat. The reduction of the fullness of the cushion will bring an uncomfortable experience when sitting. At the same time, the deformed cushion will make the stress area of the seat no longer uniform, and sitting in the depressed area for a long time will cause the sofa frame to sag. This will affect the comfort and service life of the furniture itself. The foam in the cushion begins to deteriorate, and some of them become earlier and some become later according to the density and use of the foam. Therefore, if those deformed cushions cannot be recovered, they need to be replaced immediately.

Replace your furniture cushions promptly when the above 5 signs appear. If you want to keep your rattan furniture cushions in great shape, we recommend that you store them properly and maintain them regularly to ensure that you get maximum comfort when enjoying the outdoors.

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