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What are the Tips for Assembling a Rattan Sofa Set?

January 11, 2022 3 min read

Spending time outdoors is good for your physical and mental health. It can not only help you boost your energy when you are feeling low, but also help you strengthen your immune system. If you want to get all the benefits of outdoor activities, please consider buying some comfortable and durable outdoor furniture. In this way, you have a charming place to relax on your patio, garden or porch. Admittedly, rattan furniture is durable, and it also has a good weatherproof function, so as to it can withstand all kinds of bad weather conditions. Therefore, these advantages make it an ideal choice for outdoor entertainment furniture.

However, there is one problem that you are likely to encounter, most outdoor garden furniture usually comes flat packed. Although they come with assembly instructions, there are still a few details that are easily overlooked and tips that are less familiar, so assembling your furniture can become less of a chore. If you can follow a few tips and instructions, it will not only help to simplify the process but also reduce the chances of fumbling. In this article we will present some useful tips for assembling a rattan sofa set to help make the task easier for you.

Make space
Please prepare a large and open area before assembly. You need enough open space to assemble your rattan sofa, and it is usually much larger than you think. By giving yourself enough space, you are less likely to bang around and lose them. At the same time, you can spread out the parts without having to worry about hiding that little bag of screws that always seems to get lost. If you are assembling the furniture in a room different from the place of use, please make sure that you can go through your door after the completion.

Gather your tools
As a rule, you don't need many tools to assemble this type of sofa, but it is important to have the right ones. Basically, you just need the correct spanner to tighten the bolts. Then please take stock of all the parts in the package. Put all the small parts in a plastic bag and don't open them until you need them. Use a small plastic bucket to tidy up the pieces in case they fall off the table or get lost. In the rattan sofa set, place the parts of the sofa separately from the parts of the table according to the assembly instructions. In the case of similar items remember to group and place them in order to avoid confusion during assembly.

Read the instruction
Each flat pack comes with an instruction manual. Some people think that reading the manual is a waste of time and just want to get started. However, the importance of this step cannot be overemphasized and if you just take some time to read the manual, understand the sequence, the installation steps, it will ensure that you follow each step in an organized manner and save you a lot of time. Of course if you find the instructions too cumbersome, you can ask the merchant or search the internet yourself for installation videos of rattan outdoor sofa set, which will help you understand them more intuitively. Below, I will provide you with a video on the assembly of the common 6 seater rattan sofa set for your reference.

Don't over tighten
The key to successful assembly of rattan furniture usually boils down to tightening. Over-tightening the bolts may interfere with the successful assembly of the set as well as not tightening them. Do not fully tighten a screw or bolt until the assembly is nearly complete, as this may make fitting additional screws or bolts more difficult. In fact, if it is tightened too tightly, the furniture screws will be damaged, which will lead to the loose frame of the furniture in the subsequent use process.

Screw Assembly Tip of Rattan Sofa Set

Test stability
Finally, remember to test the stability and balance of the rattan effect sofa set. Put some pressure on it to test it. Then check whether there are any loose screws, lift them up and shake them slightly. Does any screw sound loose or make any unstable sound? Does one of its legs swing more than the other legs? If it passes all these tests, it means that the assembly is successful. Otherwise, you need to disassemble it and reassemble it.

Assembling furniture woven with rattan is not a difficult task. Nevertheless, there are some overlooked details and tips that make assembly a little tricky and confusing. So, if you want to make the next assembly process a breeze, simply follow the practical tips in this article and you will soon be enjoying your new furniture.

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