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Which Color Should You Choose for Your Rattan Patio Furniture?

January 11, 2022 3 min read

If you have a separate patio, you may want something that harmonizes and blends with its surroundings to make your patio more eye-catching and bright. A few colorful settings and updates can turn a bland terrace into a charming outdoor room. With the help of furniture, accessories, paint and landscaping, for example, you can easily add eye-catching color to your terrace. If you often plan to host barbecues and entertain friends on your terrace, you may want to focus on the furniture. So if you want to create a great outdoor patio space in order to impress your friends, choosing the right color for your patio furniture will be an important factor.

Rattan patio furniture is a classic piece of outdoor furniture that has always been popular. At the same time, the market demand is constantly being updated and as a result many different woven colors have been designed. Each color of furniture has its own unique benefits and represents a different style. Choosing a color that matches the style of your patio and is durable is important, and many people will feel at a loss when faced with various furniture colors. Therefore, I have collected four popular rattan furniture colors for you to help you decide which color is best for your patio.

There is no doubt that brown is the most traditional and still very popular color choice for rattan patio furniture. As a standard, most brown flat weave rattan style furniture products come with two-tone colors and are one of the original colors for this type of outdoor furniture. Brown furniture is very suitable for every patio or garden because it looks great in modern and more traditional environments. It is perfectly matched with green plants, stone carving and wood veneer. It looks great with neutral beige furniture cushions and brighter and bolder decorations. Not only that, this brown color will also match with other garden furniture materials such as wood. As a rule, brown rattan is often used with other solemn items to gain eternal attraction. It can give your outdoor space a simple feeling.

Brown Rattan Patio Furniture

Grey is a popular neutral color, which can add a touch of luxury to any space. Neutral tone is usually very soft, the color is not so bright and dazzling, and there will be no conflict with any color style. And gray rattan outdoor furniture has become more and more popular in the past few years, and it is believed that grey rattan weaving will continue to be popular in the next few years. At the same time, it is also very suitable for the newly designed modern patio space, and still adheres to the traditional value of rattan garden furniture. Put it on your terrace to complement the green plants and create a very chic and relaxed appearance. If you want to create a modern appearance for your patio, then grey is an ideal choice.

Grey Rattan Patio Furniture

Black will never go out of fashion as a classic color scheme. In the same way as grey outdoor furniture, black rattan patio furniture is often chosen by people who prefer a modern or contemporary decoration. The feeling it gives is one of demure elegance. At the same time, it can be better adapted to the outdoor environment. We all know that children, pets and even guests can cause stains, tears and marks that would not feel so obvious with black outdoor furniture. It is easy to see that black outdoor furniture will be more resistant to stains and easier to clean than lighter colors.

Black Rattan Patio Furniture

White is another popular color, especially for rattan. White can be used with any other color and always looks fresh and attractive. White rattan garden furniture is always a luxurious addition to any outdoor space. However, it is generally used more often by the pool or on outdoor decks. At the same time, white rattan has an antique look, which makes it also suitable for older settings and rooms with shabby chic decor. However, it is easy to see that it is also susceptible to staining, which is common in homes with children and pets, and it shows imperfections more easily than darker colors. In addition, you may need to repaint your discolored furniture every year if you leave it in the sun a lot.

White Rattan Patio Furniture

Choosing a suitable color for your furniture woven with rattan can make a huge difference to the look of your patio. Therefore, you can make your choice based on some of the information provided above to create the effect you want for your patio. Of course you can also match it with some different colored accessories to add a fun and lively atmosphere.

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