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What Climate is Rattan Garden Furniture Suitable for?

December 07, 2022 4 min read

We are all eager to enjoy gatherings on our patios that include warm sunshine, fun barbecues and relaxed conversation. If you are looking forward to decorating your outdoor oasis with beautiful tableware, chairs and other items, you should know that not all furniture is created equal. To find the best outdoor furniture for your patio space that can withstand all weather conditions and frequent use is essential. Rattan garden furniture is one of the most durable pieces of outdoor furniture and many people are curious as to what climates it can be used in. To help you make informed choice, we have summarized some useful information about the climates that rattan outdoor furniture is suitable for.

Coastal climate
Coastal areas are ideal for living in, but salty sea air and lots of moisture can cause damage to your furniture. Quality synthetic rattan effect garden furniture is very resistant to moisture and salty sea air because it is made from PE rattan. This means that you can use it without any worries when you return from the sea or the beach. And you can leave it outside in the salty climate all year round without the furniture cracking, peeling, rotting or warping. Meanwhile the synthetic rattan comes in a variety of colors, perfect for the fun seaside style of a beach house. The material is also UV-treated, meaning it can be left outside in the sun for years without fading. Of course, coastal climates can sometimes have strong winds. It is therefore recommended that you buy good quality and bulky rattan effect furniture so that it does not flap in the wind. It is usually possible to leave it outside almost all the time, with the exception of severe hurricanes.

Rattan Garden Furniture for Coastal Climate

Rainy climate
If you live in an area where it rains all year round or where there are frequent and violent thunderstorms in spring and summer, it is important that outdoor furniture for your climate is made from materials that are resistant to warping, mold, rot, rust and other water damage. PE rattan style furniture also performs well in rainy and humid climates because the PE in PE rattan furniture means 'polyethylene' and all forms of polyethylene have good moisture resistance. The material does not warp or corrode easily as it is non-porous and does not retain moisture in contact with the material. For the upholstery of rattan effect furniture, some furniture cushions are made of waterproof fabrics. But in any case, in rainy environments it is a better idea to keep the cushions indoors during periods of inactivity and protect them with a protective cover.

Rattan Garden Furniture for Rainy Climate

Desert climate
Prolonged exposure to sunlight and very dry air can cause furniture to fade or warp, or even damage it if it is not made of the right materials. At the same time, the temperature fluctuations of a desert climate can have a negative impact on your patio furniture. Sweltering heat can cause some furniture materials to expand, lack of humidity or rain can cause materials to dry out quickly, and cold nights can cause materials to shrink. Over time, this cycle of expansion and contraction can lead to warping and cracking. It is therefore necessary to select only outdoor products that are resistant to UV rays and very dry climates. Synthetic resins are an excellent material for hot and sunny locations. Make sure you buy high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rattan rather than the cheap PVC material, which tends to wear, break or become brittle. Also PE rattan does not absorb heat. Most hot decks are exposed to direct sunlight for at least part of the day, so it is vital that they do not absorb heat. Whether your rattan garden table and chairs are natural or synthetic, the padded cushions should be removed in extreme heat.

Rattan Garden Furniture for Desert Climate

Snow and ice climate
In some regions, the cold season lasts for most of the year. As a result, the possibility of using garden furniture is greatly reduced, in the most extreme cases even by a few weeks a year. Those with larger indoor spaces, such as garages or canopies, can easily store furniture during the colder periods. In this case, the choice of materials is not limited by this, as they are never exposed to the weather for long periods of time. Those who want to save themselves the trouble of moving furniture from indoors to outdoors must choose materials that are resistant to snow and ice. Woven synthetic rattan is, as always, a good choice. This synthetic material is very durable and can withstand continuous use and harsh weather conditions, including snow. Rattan style furniture made from PE is strong, low maintenance, beautiful and very durable. It does not attract pests or insects. It is not susceptible to rot or mold. They are also relatively low-maintenance and easy to clean daily with water and mild detergents.

Rattan Garden Furniture for Snow and Ice Climate

Outdoor furniture is a valuable investment that will ensure many years of enjoyment for its users. Therefore, it is important to choose in the wisest way possible the materials and characteristics of items that can be used for many seasons to come. If your outdoor furniture needs to be adapted to different climatic conditions, you should be aware of the differences between natural rattan and synthetic rattan furniture. Synthetic rattan effect furniture is suitable for coastal, rainy, desert and snowy climates, so you can use it to better adapt to your outdoor climate.

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