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What is Rattan Sofa?

July 02, 2021 4 min read

The rattan sofa is considered a symbol of leisure life because of its natural style, which means being close to nature. It combines simplicity and luxury and the comfort and convenience it brings make people feel free and carefree.

5pcs Rattan Sofa


  • Rattan sofa is compact, firm, lightweight and tough, and can easily be bent into shape.
  • Rattan sofa is not afraid of being squeezed, soft and elastic.
  • Rattan sofa has simple but elegant color, attractive modeling, light structure, chic design, and tough texture.


Generally, rattan sofas are mainly made of rattan, rattan skin, and solid wood through more than a dozen processes. Rattan's outer skin is used to be woven into the main body of the furniture, while the rattan is made into the trunk.

Rattan is a kind of trailing Plant that is solid, tough, and elastic. The main weaving materials are bamboo rattan, white rattan, and red rattan. Bamboo rattan, also known as agate rattan, is native to Indonesia and Malaysia and is often used to make rattan furniture and rattan utensils. It is the most expensive and the best rattan, so it is also known as the "king of rattan". It not only has a beautiful shape, but also has waterproof properties. In addition, it is very durable, because its dense and elastic structure enables it not easy to be broken. The other type of rattan is red rattan, which has large output and low price. It is generally used to make rattan racks or rattan ornaments. The last one is white rattan, which can also be used for weaving rattan furniture and rattan ornaments.

However, it also has two by-products that can also be used as weavingmaterials for rattan sofa. One is rattan skin, which is usually peeled off from the rattan stem. The rattan skin can also be used as decorative surfaces for metal racks and rattan racks. Another by-product is the central part of the rattan, called the rattan core. It can be used to weave wicker products after reducing its diameter, which combines both decoration and support. It is also useful for weaving rattan furniture such as rattan chairs.

After processing, the rattan is made into rattan furniture, which will not crack or be moth-eaten even for decades. Regular cleaning can extend the service life of rattan sofas. Usually, you can vacuum it, or clean it with a small brush, and then wipe the surface of the rattan sofa with a soft washcloth. Do not clean it with thinner or chemicals, otherwise, the rattan furniture will fade.


  • Place two sets of rattan sofas diagonally and asymmetrically, making your home lively, convenient and comfortable.
  • Arrange the rattan sofa symmetrically. This is a traditional placement, which will make the room looks solemn and layered.
  • Place rattan sofas along three adjacent walls with a rattan cube table in the middle. This placement allows your home to have a wider view and is convenient for people to sit and talk.
  • Place the rattan sofa on the platform or the sunken floor. Replace chairs with various cushions to make the room combine style and comfort.
  • Place the rattan sofa along a wall in a straight line, and a rattan table is placed in front. This arrangement is very common and is suitable for smaller rooms.


Rattan sofa is mostly used in patios, gardens, tea rooms, study rooms, and living rooms.

Rattan Sofa Maintenance:

  • It's best to keep the rattan sofa away from fire and heat. And avoid its direct exposure to the sun for a long time, otherwise, it will easily fade, dry out, deform, bend, crack, loosen and become disconnected.
  • The surface of rattan style furniture is easy to accumulate dust. At first, you can use a vacuum cleaner to dust the surface of the rattan sofa or use a soft brush to remove dust. Then wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and finally dry it with a soft washcloth.
  • After using for some time, wipe down the rattan sofa with light saltwater to clean away stains on it and maintain its toughness. This can also prevent rattan sofas from becoming brittle and being eaten by the insect.
  • If you want to refurbish the rattan sofa, you need to clean it and dry it, and then sand its surface with sandpaper to make it smooth, and finally coat it with varnish for protection.

Purchase Tips:

  1. When purchasing a rattan sofa, pay attention to whether it has fine craftsmanship, novel and beautiful modeling. And the most important thing is whether its material is of high quality. If the surface of the rattan sofa is wrinkled, it means that the rattan used for making the rattan sofa has poor toughness, low strength, and is easy to be broken or corroded. 
  2. Grasp the handle of the rattan sofa with both hands and gently shake it to feel whether its frame is stable.
  3. Wipe the surface of the rattan sofa with the palm to check if it is smooth.
  4. Check the surface of the rattan sofa for spots, discoloration, and moth-eaten.

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