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Why Rattan Style Furniture is Loved by Urbanites?

July 02, 2021 3 min read

At present, more and more people prefer the pastoral style when decorating and designing home interiors, pursuing the integration of man and nature. Rattan style furniture, which is fresh, natural, simple and elegant, has brought a warm feeling to modern people.

Garden Rattan Style Furniture

Putting a Rattan furniture set in the living room can not only add some spice to the living room, but also show the unique artistic taste of the house owner. Rattan furniture is unique in modeling, natural in color. It is not easy to deform or break after special treatment, integrating both ornamental and practicality. It is elegant, chic, and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it can also create a strong cultural atmosphere, which is deeply loved by urbanites that are in pursuit of freshness.

Rattan is a natural material that is not afraid of squeezing. It is dense and firm, light and tough, soft and elastic. The rattan furniture that people love now mostly incorporates modern craftsmanship and artistic creation methods.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Rattan furniture is known for its exquisite modeling. Unlike traditional wood furniture, it is woven from pure natural bamboo and rattan. Modern Rattan furniture has jumped out of the frame of the past, no longer crude and rough, but has turned to the pursuit of a combination of scientific production and art. It has fine craftsmanship, unique modeling, elegant color, and the characteristics of being warm in winter and cool in summer.


It is mainly processed by bending bamboo and rattan. In addition, some other manufacturing processes must be combined, such as cutting, curling, smoothing, assembly, and winding. Finally, braid different patterns with various weaving techniques. Elegant series of products permeated with a strong sense of life and culture. It is lightweight and durable, comfortable and natural, and its pastoral style makes people feel refreshed. What's more, its elegance is incomparable to furniture made of other materials.

Elegant Colors

The color of modern rattan furniture has poetic charm. There is tranquil silver-gray, romantic bronze, calm reddish-brown and mysterious dark green. However, most furniture is painted in a transparent color, thus maintaining the unique style of the rattan itself. Its nature and simplicity have given comfort to the hearts of people who are tired of the bustling and noisy city and make them feel refreshed. Matching rattan furniture with other items in the room can create an elegant cultural atmosphere.

For example, the side column curves of sofas, tables, and chairs are dyed into green, blue, and red, and the center of the cushion is inlaid with similar patterns to make it look eye-catching and unique. The white rattan sofa cushions are inlaid with lotus, which is simple and beautiful, elegant and natural.

Multi Colors for Rattan Garden Sofas

Various Modeling

Rattan furniture is basically divided into several categories: rattan outdoor furniture, also called rattan indoor and outdoor dual-use furniture, such as small round tables, armchairs, deck chairs, and rocking chairs that arranged on the side of the garden and veranda,which looks full of leisure and a lot of fun; The most perfect and most stylish rattan furniture is the living room rattan furniture. The living room rattan furniture made of red rattan core has smooth lines.

  • It is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also soft and delicate, pursuing the simple modeling and color, showing the beauty of craftsmanship; Rattan dining set pays special attention to the matching of furniture structure and its color, which fully reflects its luxury and elegance.
  • The 5 seater rattan modular corner sofa and 7 seater rattan tables and chairs are novel and stylish.
  • The rattan chairs are equipped with casters, which make them look strong and round, and they are also very convenient to move;
  • The rattan furniture for home office has large desks, small desks and multi-functional computer desks, all of which have enough space for the legs to stretch.
  • At the same time, they are equipped with upholstered rattan chairs. They are attractive in modeling and comfortable to use. They are used in conjunction with simple small bookshelves and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, presenting a sense of harmony and coordination.

The small rattan ornaments are even more varied. The rattan table lamp has unique modeling and soft light, which makes the room warm and elegant. The rattan with natural texture contrasts with the decorations and glassware on the table, which is crystal clear, delicate and shiny. The rattan chandeliers are simple but not monotonous, and are in harmony with the naturalness pursued by modern-style decoration. The rattan of the rattan vase holder has a unique curve and tension, which is different from the linear structure of wood products. Its modeling is rich in variations, including fish-shaped and spire-shaped.

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