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What Themes Can Rattan Garden Furniture Help You Hold Outdoor Parties?

June 28, 2022 4 min read

Outdoor parties offer the opportunity to choose from a variety of themes. Hosting a party outdoors can be a great source of fun and fresh air. Your backyard, garden or patio are all ideal places for a makeover. During your backyard party, people will need a place to sit, chat, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Rattan furniture can be a stylish choice for an outdoor space and is ideal for a relaxing afternoon outdoors. Whether you want to create a low-key barbecue party, the perfect garden tea party or an elegant soiree, these garden furniture pieces are sure to come in handy. If you're looking for the perfect party theme, take a look at the following 5 types of outdoor party themes to get your creative juices flowing.

Vintage tea parties
If you love the cottage garden style, then vintage style rattan garden furniture is the perfect idea to create a quintessentially English tea party theme for you. Place your rattan garden table and chairs in a place where you can enjoy the afternoon sun. Being close to a beautiful tree is perfect if you have one, especially if you can hang bunting from it. Nothing says garden tea party like bunting! Cover the garden table with a pretty tablecloth made of clean cotton or lace. Set the table with a china teapot, cups and saucer stack and have fresh tea, sandwiches and pastries ready. You can also prepare some seasonal flowers is another easy way to decorate your summer coffee table, which brings a visual pop of color and adds charm to your coffee table. Then you can have a pleasant conversation with your friends and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

Create a Vintage Tea Party with Rattan Garden Furniture

Outdoor movie night
For your family or friends, any outdoor movie night will be fun. So how do you create the perfect home cinema in your garden? To create a garden home theater setup, hang a projector or white flat screen on an outside wall. Arrange a rattan sofa in front of the screen to create a comfortable lounge atmosphere. Garden furniture with cushions and pillows can add comfort for you and your guests, with some extra blankets to make sure they don't catch a cold. You can also string some tea lights or floral lights around the furniture to provide a beautiful soft backlight. Of course, the perfect food pairing to complement a movie night is popcorn and drinks, so guests can enjoy a meal while watching the film throughout the movie, and you can also have some nachos, whole grain crackers and marshmallows on hand. We believe that watching a classic outdoor movie under the stars on a warm night with your best friends will make for a memorable evening for you and your friends.

Create a Outdoor Movie Night with Rattan Garden Furniture

Beach or pool parties
Host a party at the beach or bring the beach to your backyard, the most popular theme for a fun pool party on a hot summer day. The blue rattan garden corner sofa can be a great way to help you create a beachside atmosphere. If you have any friends who want to get a tan or lounge around, you and your friends can lie on it comfortably. Also, you are going to be spending many hours in the sun and you need to make sure your party is stocked with refreshing drinks. That's why a coffee table is essential. You can prepare some ice cubes and popular drinks like bottled water and soda on the coffee table so that your guests can get to them very easily. Summer inflatables are also a great way to liven up your pool party atmosphere. Palm trees, beach balls and flamingos are perfect additions. If you have children attending your pool party, be sure to have some arm floats, life jackets or pool noodles so everyone can have fun.

Create a Beach or Pool Party with Rattan Garden Furniture

Backyard barbecue parties
Backyard barbecue parties are also a very popular type of summer outdoor activity. Host a classic backyard barbecue party for friends and family and enjoy a traditional picnic dinner. It's a simple theme that will make guests feel comfortable and at home. While the focus of the barbecue is the food, utilizing a rattan outdoor dining set will allow you and your guests to enjoy comfortable seating and rustic decor. After you utilize your grill to serve your guests entrees such as steaks, kebabs, burgers or hot dogs, you can sit back and enjoy the food from the comfort of your seats and trust that your barbecue party will leave a better impression on your guests.

Create a Backyard Barbecue Party with Rattan Garden Furniture

Backyard birthday parties
Birthday parties are the most common type of party held. The setup of an outdoor birthday party may vary depending on the age of the guest of honor. You can use a rattan outdoor dining set so your children can enjoy food and cake with their friends and fill the yard with their favorite toys and games. For older children and adults, try a rattan corner sofa to make the space more casual and have more room for entertaining. Especially if older people will be coming, they may prefer a quiet corner or a comfortable outdoor couch. Organize a separate area away from the banquet table where you can set up a food and beverage buffet so guests can serve themselves. Finally, and try to create a simple and fun birthday party decoration using balloons and bunting.

Create a Backyard Birthday Party with Rattan Garden Furniture

Now that you know the five different types of outdoor parties that can be created using rattan furniture, you can choose one of your favorite party types to apply to your space and get ready for your next outdoor event.

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