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What to Consider When Buying Zero Gravity Sun Loungers?

May 05, 2022 4 min read

After a hectic day at work, you might want to have some time to relax and have some fun outside your house, sitting comfortably outside watching the sunset. Compared with ordinary sunlounger, this is where zero-gravity recliners come into play, and they're designed to provide maximum comfort! Having it provides you with an unparalleled comfort experience. After all, sitting in a zero gravity chair is a great way to relax your nerves, especially if you are experiencing discomfort and back pain. However, if you are buying this type of recliners for the first time, you may be confused about which one to choose and which features to check. Therefore, in this article, we'll tell you what you need to consider before you buy zero gravity sun loungers.

Usually, the material determines the longevity and durability. Therefore, you should check the quality of the frame and fabric of the recliner. The frame should be made of a lightweight but strong metal, such as aluminum or steel, because this will help avoid rusting if the chair gets rained on a lot. Not only that, metal is also easy to wipe down and clean, making your chair look newer for longer. Usually most zero gravity recliner garden chairs are built with a steel frame. Some are alloy steel, which means that other elements are added to the steel to improve strength and corrosion resistance. Also since zero gravity chairs are usually used for outdoor use, you should consider fabrics that are waterproof and breathable and comfortable. All of these will ensure that your garden chair has better sturdiness and durability.

For the ultimate in relaxation, make sure your recliner not only fits your space, but also has the right width so you can settle in comfortably. Because this will affect how easy it is to move the chair between storage and the garden, or even just around the garden or to a different location. Small garden sun loungers are perfect for apartments and rooms with limited space, while large recliners provide plenty of room for one person or a comfortable place for you to cuddle with your partner or pet. Typically, commercially available zero gravity recliners vary in width from about 50 cm to almost 1 meter. You can choose according to your height. If you often go camping outdoors, then a smaller size garden recliner would be a better choice. This means that you can fold it up without taking up too much space when you carry it.

Size of Zero Gravity Sun Lounger

Weight capacity
The weight capacity of garden recliners depends heavily on the elastic cord system and solid bottom support that connects the chair's fabric seat to the metal frame. To increase the weight capacity, the chair should have a sturdy frame and strong fabric seat as well as a strong rope suspension system to ensure safe use and increase the weight capacity. This way, no matter how heavy you are, the recliner will be strong enough to support your body with complete ease. After all, it will support your entire weight, so you need to rest assured that it won't collapse when you sit down to rest your legs. Usually, a chair with a weight limit of about 100 kg will be sufficient for most adults.

Sturdy Zero Gravity Sun Lounger

When you sit on the zero gravity reclining garden chair, headrests or pillows can maximize your comfort. While you can purchase those attachable headrests or pillows separately, it is best to purchase a zero gravity chair with a headrest and pillow. This can be as simple as attaching an extra cushion to the top of the chair, but it will provide more head and neck support. Also a recliner with ergonomic armrests will conform to the shape of your arms and forearms, providing you with a higher level of comfort. Using ergonomic armrests will relieve pressure on your elbows and wrists to relieve any tension. So if you want a recliner with a higher level of comfort, consider both the headrest and the armrests.

Zero Gravity Sun Lounger with Pillow and Armrests

Locking mechanism
As you lean in a balanced position, the zero gravity sun loungers will use your weight to lean back. This relieves pressure points in your spine and allows your entire body to relax to relieve stress. For zero gravity recliners, the locking mechanism is very important because getting a comfortable, relaxed position depends on the locking system. If the tilt locking mechanism is not strong enough, it is difficult to place the chair in place. Most importantly, if you are lying on a chair, a firm locking mechanism will help to avoid any accidents!

A quality zero gravity recliner chair provides plenty of comfort by releasing tension in the back and legs. If you are looking for the right zero gravity reclining garden chair, make sure it meets the above five requirements. This will allow you to get the most relaxation and rejuvenation from your recliner for many years to come.


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