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What are the Popular Styles of Rattan Furniture?

May 05, 2022 4 min read

Rattan style furniture has become so popular in recent years and is one of the hottest trends in interior and exterior decorating and design right now. Many people wonder when rattan furniture became popular. In fact, it has been popular since the golden age of the Victorian era and is now making a comeback with a whole new look. You will find that it is now available in a variety of styles to suit any purpose. Not only are there standard armchairs and dining tables, but you can find everything from modular sofas to folding tables and chairs. Best of all, designers are constantly re-imagining and improving various accessories to meet the needs of their customers, making this furniture even more distinctive.

Currently, popular trends in rattan effect furniture styles range from the latest modern feel to a return to vintage designs. No matter what type of space you are dealing with, you should stick to furniture and accessories that complement your design theme. However, if you've recently purchased a rattan furniture set, you know that the style choices can be overwhelming. To eliminate confusion, here are some rattan effect furniture style trends that may make your selection process a little easier.

French romantic style
A rattan bistro set is one of the easiest ways to bring a touch of Parisian style to your home or garden. Often bistros are the ideal place to enjoy a hearty meal and a good cup of coffee. The texture of rattan and its lightweight design give it a casual feel. Pairing it with striped, plaid or small floral tablecloths makes it easier to create a casual and welcoming French look. It is perfect for creating dining spaces in smaller areas of the garden. If your outdoor space is a terrace or balcony, these sets are perfect for adding style while saving important floor space. Fold away chairs are perfect for dining on your own whilst having that extra seat available for guests and you can create a cozy space for yourself that’s perfect for morning breakfasts. A hot coffee and breakfast at a French romantic style rattan effect bistro set is sure to keep your good mood going from morning to night.

French Romantic Style Rattan Bistro Set

Exotic style
If your home decoration embodies a spirit of travel and adventure, the exotic rattan corner sofa might just be the perfect piece of furniture for your outdoor and indoor areas. This brown rattan style sofa combines with striking red cushions to embody a relaxed and eclectic atmosphere. The laid-back textures and colors take up space without overwhelming the whole area. At the same time, furniture in this color easily adds vibrancy and freshness to your living space. The rattan effect garden sofa set can also be covered with a thick knitted blanket for added comfort and interest. Alternatively, adding some bright sunflowers, petunias and geraniums to its surroundings will enhance your space with an exotic ambience.

Exotic Style Rattan Garden Corner Sofa

Coastal resort style
Rattan garden furnitureis a must for warm tropical climates. Synthetic rattan is better protected from the weather and UV rays. The grey rattan effect furniture with blue cushions easily transforms your outdoor space into an oasis with a beach resort atmosphere. The coffee table it comes with is the ideal place to place your drinks, plates or electronic devices. Place it next to your pool and feel like you are in a holiday home by the sea. Also suitable for patio and outdoor beach living, it can turn any outdoor space into a comfortable, relaxed gathering place. Even if your backyard view doesn't include the big blue, you can still take advantage of its best features by placing this furniture in a seating arrangement where you can best enjoy the view.

Coastal Resort Style Rattan Sofa

Retro and nostalgic style
Rattan has a vintage vibe due to its long, versatile history. While rattan effect furniture styles are becoming more fashionable these days, vintage style rattan effect furniture is still popular as well. Classic brown rattan garden furniture brings a nostalgic look to your patio. The clever thing about this vintage style rattan is that it can blend into any room or space and brings a warm texture. So it can match any color scheme you have in your outdoor landscape. Pair your rattan with mustard and brown decorative tones, some mid-century glass lighting and rich indoor greenery to create a look that is both nostalgic and very popular!

Retro and Nostalgic Style Rattan Furniture

Modern minimalist style
Grey rattan garden table and chairs provide an extremely modern feel to your garden. At the same time this type of furniture is clean and simple in color with clean, crisp lines that give your outdoor area an elegant and sophisticated look. This style of furniture can also bring a sense of calm and serenity to your patio, leaving the burdens and concerns of the outside world happily behind and leaving you free to relax. Whether you want to spend some alone time outdoors or plan to have guests over for outdoor entertaining, this is a great style. Also, this minimalist rattan effect furniture in weatherproof and waterproof fabrics can be used outdoors or indoors, perfectly matching any garden layout or decoration.

Modern Minimalist Style Rattan Table and Chairs

With the growing trend of rattan style furniture, it's time to pick up some furniture for your garden. These are all the popular styles of rattan effect furniture, so you can choose the style that suits your personal preferences. From French romantic bistro sets to modern minimalist garden tables and chairs, I believe there will be one that you like and can add splendor to your home.

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