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When was Rattan Furniture Popular?

March 02, 2022 3 min read

Rattan is a versatile choice, suitable for various decorative styles. Nowadays, this durable and beloved material is a popular choice for families and gardens in coastal, rural or urban areas. Generally, rattan style furniture is furniture made of natural or synthetic rattan. Natural rattan is made of flexible core of vine or reed, while synthetic rattan is made of PVC, PU or PE. These are all with the needs of different times, and the material and design of rattan are constantly improving.

Usually, people use this type of furniture to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and so on. The rattan gardenchair is very suitable for your backyard garden or balcony area, providing a natural and beautiful appearance for your outdoor space. You can easily find a rattan product in any furniture store. It is not difficult to find that rattan furniture has actually penetrated into most people's gardens or interior decoration. You may be very curious, when did these changes begin to happen, and when did it become so popular?

Rattan Furniture That will Not Be Out of Date

When did it come out?
Although the origins of rattan are supposed to date back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, the rattan effect furniture industry began in America in the 1840s. As fast ships left China for America with various cargoes, a grocer named Cyrus Wakefield picked up a large pile of discarded rattan that had been left at Constitution Wharf in Boston to protect the cargo. Noticing the flexibility and dexterity of the material, he came up with the idea of making furniture from rattan. In 1855 he founded the first rattan company in South Reading, Massachusetts. This led to the rapid industrialization and mass production of this type of furniture. His early designs also laid the foundation for the basic conceptual framework used in rattan furniture today. As a result, he became an industry leader in the manufacture of this type of furniture and is considered to be the father of American rattan style furniture.

What decade was it popular?
The 1960s and 70s saw a great appreciation of rattan. This era witnessed a revival of ornate rattan furniture after a period when Victorian-style decoration was considered too sophisticated. This growth in popularity was largely due to the appreciation that sea travellers developed for Roman culture in general and rattan in particular. These explorers took rattan with them and spread its use across the continent. At the same time, in this era, the British were concerned with cleanliness and hygiene. As rattan was easy to clean and did not collect dust like upholstered furniture, it was the perfect choice for them to use for furniture inside and outside the house. In addition, its simple nature combined with its flexibility allowed the Victorians to use rattan for many different styles and designs of furniture. At the time, however, sophisticated furniture design belonged only to the upper classes of Europe, which made it a prominent part of the Victorian era and a symbol of luxury at the time.

Is it out of date?
Although rattan effect furniture has existed in the market for many centuries, it is still in great demand and is still one of the most popular furniture materials. This means that it will never be out of date. The rattan you see now is not boring, monotonous or old-fashioned. It's warm, organic and very cool. You can easily find rattan products with a perfect combination of modernity and retro. At the same time, you can also find various styles, from rattan chairs, cube rattan dining set to rattan modular sofa and so on. In addition, you can also buy synthetic rattan style outdoor furniture for more frequent outdoor use. With the synthetic rattan joining this group, it also adds a kind of versatility for those who want to bring some furniture to outdoor picnics and other similar activities. Add some wicker to your interior decoration, and you will understand why it is popular and not out of date.

There is no doubt that rattan effect furniture became popular in the golden age of Victorian era. But now it is still deeply loved by everyone. If you are also attracted by it, you might as well choose one to add interest to your home.

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