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How to Lay Out Your Rattan Outdoor Furniture?

March 02, 2022 3 min read

There is nothing more valuable in your outdoor space than comfortable furniture. Whether it's a terrace designed to welcome guests or a more intimate setting, entertaining and relaxing in the open air with friends and family is a pleasure. Especially if you've bought your favorite rattan outdoor furniture set, you'll be eager to use it for a large cocktail party or a casual mid-week family dinner. However, you must first have a clear understanding of how to set them up in your outdoor area. A good set-up creates a sense of intimacy, encourages conversation and makes clever use of space. In other words, how you arrange your rattan effect outdoor furniture can greatly affect the convenience or inconvenience of your guests. In fact they can easily be rearranged to suit a specific function, whether it's a pool party, a barbecue or another type of gathering. These functional outdoor space ideas will ensure that your rattan furniture layout is suitable for a variety of occasions. And turn your patio space into a beautiful, vibrant outdoor room.

Lay out around focal points
Choosing a focal point is a great starting point for planning your rattan furniture layout. No matter how much space is available, each area should have a focal point - something to linger over. In fact, the creation of a focal point allows the eye to focus on something beautiful and interesting, conducive to relaxation. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy a breathtaking view, the layout of your outdoor furniture should be open toward it. A good rule of thumb is to utilize rattan modular sofas, which means that the seating can be divided into two or three seating areas, or arranged together to form a complete cross-section. If you have a fireplace or mantel on your outdoor patio, arrange the sofa in a U-shape around the fireplace so that the mantel becomes the anchor. By doing this, neither you nor your guests' attention will be diverted, and you can also create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere and the area will not become cluttered.

Symmetrical layout
If you want to create a formal outdoor living space, a symmetrical outdoor furniture arrangement would be a good choice. No area is complete without a degree of symmetrical concentration. Symmetrical arrangements are usually more traditional. For example, Rattan dining table and chairs are laid out in a symmetrical way, so they look more formal and ceremonial. If you have some rattan garden chairs, you can place them in proportional distribution, creating a more serene and neat atmosphere for you visually by placing an equal number of rattan chairs on either side. This is because symmetry is actually the theme of perfectly balanced design.

Rattan Furniture with Symmetrical Layout

Asymmetrical layout
If you feel that a symmetrical layout is too monotonous, an asymmetrical arrangement creates a more casual and relaxing area that is closer to the concept of a lounge area. Asymmetrical arrangements are usually a little more spread out. While not random, they are not as clean and uncluttered as symmetrical designs. If you are looking for a more free-flowing patio arrangement, then an asymmetrical arrangement may be best. If you have the classic rattan sofa plus two armchairs, you can place the other armchair at an angle, which helps to move around easily and is very effective in creating the illusion of more space.

Zoned layout
When your outdoor garden or patio is very large, you can use zoning. By dividing the space into smaller sections, you can create a vibrant and functional living area. This way, you have multiple entertaining areas instead of one large patio with too much open space. For example, divide your space into two different seating areas with 4 piece rattan garden furniture set. Try placing an outdoor rattan loveseat at one end tocreate a comfortable lounge area. Then place two armchairs at the other end. This way, you can have a more private and intimate setting for reading, but you also have a larger space for entertaining when guests come over.

Filled perimeter layout
On the other hand, if your courtyard is small, it is wise to arrange your rattan outdoor furniture around the space. This provides you with more space to move, and can create the illusion of more space visually. Your guests can easily pass through your outdoor space, and at the same time, it can reduce the congestion caused by too many guests.

You can rearrange your rattan effect furniture at any time. By adjusting with the seasons, you will have a whole new perspective on your furniture, let you appreciate it and make you feel that it is a brand-new set of furniture!

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