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Why Rattan Garden Furniture Set is a Suitable Choice for the Elderly?

March 02, 2022 3 min read

Outdoor living areas have become one of the most comfortable places for older people to spend most of their time enjoying nature and relaxing. Choosing an ideal piece of garden furniture for older people is therefore an essential task. As a rule, comfortable furniture is essential for older people. Because their muscles are weak, comfortable furniture can support their back and body for better comfort. If proper physical pressure and comfort is neglected, they will start to be listless in their seats or, worse, slip or fall out of them. This is then very harmful to the health of older people. So with proper, comfortable garden furniture, neither age nor back pain will be able to stop them from getting out and enjoying all that life has to offer. Thankfully, most rattan garden furniture sets are designed to be very comfortable, making many of these types of furniture suitable for older people. Of course, there are many other advantages beyond the basic comfort feature.

Rattan Garden Furniture for the Elderly

It has good sturdiness
The quality of furniture is related to sturdiness and finding a quality piece of garden furniture will bring many benefits. And for older people, sturdiness is of paramount importance. This is because seats that are not sturdy can cause them to fall or possibly break under their weight. And falls can be a very serious problem for older people. The quality and sturdiness of rattan garden table and chairs set consists of a high-quality material with a proper structure. Its weave is wrapped around a sturdy steel frame and also has a cross-shaped at the bottom, which gives the rattan furniture better stability and load-bearing capacity. To protect the table and chairs from the weather elements, the frame is also finished with a protective powder coating. To top it all off, it also features thick woven armrests and non-slip rubber feet, offering more comprehensive safety attributes for the elderly.

It is ergonomic
Some of the rattan garden sofa sets have been designed with an ergonomic fit and curve to help older people maintain correct posture. Correct posture has many benefits for older people, significantly improving their physical comfort and relieving back pain. For older people, there is always a need for some support when their bodies are no longer flexible. They will therefore need more than adequate back support, especially for the lower back. Ergonomic rattan sofas and chairs offer greater comfort and help to distribute your weight evenly, so you can sit more comfortably. And the extra backrest pillows and headrests on the sofa can better relieve pressure on joints and other body parts. They also have a simple design with armrests, so they can be gripped for support when getting up and sitting down.

It is easy to maintain
Another advantage of rattan garden furniture is that it is very easy to maintain. Dirty seats can pose a risk to the health of older people, entering open wounds and affecting their immune system. Our rattan tables come with protective toughened glass. Tempered glass is easy to clean, so you can easily wipe away table top dirt or spills. Meanwhile the rattan effect furniture cushions have a fabric made from hydrophobic material and double-wrapped edges with upgraded soiled double stitching to provide full crack protection for the cover. The special waterproof fabric protects your cushions from showers and all cushions come with a removable zip cover that is very easy to maintain. So cleaning and maintenance is not a hassle for older people. Easy to clean and maintain rattan style garden furniture is a great way of ensuring that older people can stay clean, happy and healthy at all times, even outdoors.

It is light in weight
The rattan style garden furniture condition is not only sturdy but also light in weight. This means that older people can move freely in and out or around outdoor living areas for more comfort. Also items like the 3 piece rattan patio set can be folded down to a more compact size, offering great storage convenience and portability so you can take them with you on trips and save you space, which is an added benefit.

It is easy to see that rattan style garden furniture set is comfortable, lightweight and sturdy, making it a good choice for the elderly. With a piece of this type of furniture, the elderly can enjoy their outdoor living space in comfort and safety.

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