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Why Rattan Style Furniture is Opting for Your Eco-Friendly Backyard?

August 13, 2021 5 min read

Rattan Patio Set

Rattan has recently become popular again, and you can find almost any shape, size, or color in rattan outdoor furniture. From rattan garden chairs, rattan cube suits to rattan dining tables and chairs, rattan outdoor furniture has various functions and types. People's enthusiastic interest in rattan furniture shows that this material is ushering in another moment of prosperity. Today's rattan-style sofa feels simple and stylish but is different from the modeling of much other modern design furniture. The rustic-looking rattan garden furniture adopts an exquisite and intricate weaving design, which will help your outdoor space blend into the surrounding natural landscape and bring the relaxing feeling of summer vacation into your garden. Let your private outdoor retreat show elegant style, but at the same time eclectic.

In the past few years, the pace of human progress has been accelerating, and there have been qualitative leaps in technology, production and living standards, and significant changes have been made. However, while such a trend has brought many obvious conveniences, it has also unknowingly directly caused the world to face more and more severe environmental problems. The two most prominent ones are the decline of forests resources and thus the following rise of temperature. As responsible residents on this planet, people are now gradually realizing the necessity of living in an environmentally friendly way to save the planet. Just as the well-known slogan advertises, it is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, although we usually look for beautiful outdoor furniture to create a breathtaking garden, when considering how to turn the backyard of an unused apartment into a comfortable corner, we always take this into consideration and turn to some sustainable options. This is why you will find that more and more people choose sustainable furniture as a way of demonstrating their commitment to environmental protection. However, even though there are a variety of environmentally friendly furniture materials to choose from, finding outdoor furniture among environmentally friendly choices has surprisingly become a headache. Most outdoor furniture is made of plastic and other less environmentally friendly materials as the choice of furniture construction. The low price is contrary to our original intention of environmental protection. And as a special type of furniture, outdoor garden furniture faces various weather changes day after day, and may even encounter severe and extreme weather. Benefited from its environmental protection and weather resistance against unpredictable weather, the rattan effect furniture set is considered the most ideal choice for indoor and outdoor furniture in this environment that promotes the protection of the earth and has a large number of buyers who are ready to invest. Regarding the shape of the rattan-style furniture set, there will be no concerns, because each rattan furniture can be designed according to modern trends and styles to enhance any type of decoration.

Rattan Sofa Set

Natural rattan is a kind of palm-like vine in Southeast Asia. There are nearly 600 species, mainly growing in different forests in Africa and Asia. According to the different shapes and performance of different varieties, the outer skin or inter core of rattan can be extracted and processed in a variety of different ways, such as cutting into strips of different widths and weaving into rattan furniture or many kinds of rattan handicrafts like rattan baskets, and rattan frames. Natural rattan has the incredible renewable ability. It can grow 2 cm per day, which means that it can be fully grown and harvested within two years, and is relatively shorter than the growth time of some hardwoods. This makes rattan effect outdoor sofa set a well-deserved alternative to traditional hardwood furniture. Rattan furniture also has a variety of styles, suitable for all types of families, from modern traditions to bohemian chic, which also makes it more popular than ever. But I have to admit that due to the particularity of natural materials, natural rattan terrace sets are more fragile when facing the outdoor environment, so they are more commonly used indoors. In order to make up for this regret and meet the needs of all rattan weaving fans, synthetic rattan came into being. Among all environmentally friendly materials, materials such as synthetic rattan have the best weather resistance and can adapt to different climatic conditions. Therefore, rattan-style tables and chairs usually only need to be wiped occasionally to maintain them in good condition. What is rare is that the appearance of synthetic rattan is almost indistinguishable from natural rattan, so the rattan garden furniture, rattan dining set or rattan effect corner sofa made of it are also fashionable and beautiful. But what you need to pay attention to is to avoid a common mistake, which is to confuse rattan and wicker, because wicker is actually not a real thing but refers to a weaving technique used for various pattern designs.

Rattan Dining Set


  • It will not be destructive: Natural rattan furniture is an important part of green life and is a very beneficial purchase. Not only will it not produce any pollution or harm environmental chemical gases during use, and is breathable to allow people sitting on the wicker chair to breathe on the back to relieve sweating. When it comes to the requirement of environmental protection, synthetic materials often arouse people's suspicion because of special treatment. In fact, most synthetic rattan furniture materials have been processed to ensure that they will not cause harm to the environment, let alone release toxins into the surrounding air.
  • It is sustainable: Environmentally friendly furniture means a minimal negative impact on the planet and avoids the use of non-renewable resources in its manufacturing process. At this point, every piece of synthetic rattan garden furniture set on the market is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and safe. As a renewable resource, rattan style patio furniture is completely biodegradable, so once you want to replace your rattan effect furniture, it can also be recycled. The sustainable backyard created by rattan outdoor furniture truly realizes environmental awareness and the best green life!
  • It can stand the test of time: From another aspect, as environmentally friendly furniture, it must be durable in terms of appearance and quality. In this way, waste of resources due to frequent replacement of furniture can be avoided. As you know, the chic and practical rattan garden sofa can perfectly match this requirement. The special material of synthetic PE rattan makes it easy to withstand frequent exposure to rain, wind, sunlight, and humidity, and maintains a brand new state like the first day, bringing your outdoor space with the original beauty. Moreover, the carefully woven rattan outdoor dining set is also very strong, and the cushions equipped can also effectively help distribute the weight more evenly, thereby reducing the pressure of a single rattan and thereby extending their service life. In terms of appearance, the timeless style of rattan style garden tables and chairs is particularly classic. After several cycles, they can still be at the forefront of furniture fashion. There is no need to worry about your garden going out of style.
As you can see, if you have ever wanted to create the outdoor space of your dreams, so that you can hold a party with your friends in the sun, a set of all-round rattan furniture can help your backyard quickly create a happy and relaxing situation, and also with many sustainable possibilities to decorate your garden. Our planet and health depend on a green and sustainable life, so we are reminded almost every day of the importance of environmental protection, and everyone is responsible for making necessary changes in their lives to help. The use of environmentally friendly rattan outdoor furniture is a wonderful idea to protect the earth in a sustainable way. Your garden and yourself is a small part of the earth. The correct choice of rattan garden furniture set will keep your garden beautiful and at the same time allow you to fulfill your responsibility to protect the earth's environment.

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