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How to Assemble Rattan Garden Furniture Set?

October 08, 2021 4 min read

With the development of the times and the changes of life, people pay more and more attention to outdoor furniture. As a new fashion wave in furniture, it embodies people's leisure and relaxation. It can not only be arbitrarily placed in many places, such as garden, balcony and patio, but also provide convenient, healthy and comfortable life for people in open or semi-open outdoor spaces.

When it comes to outdoor furniture in gardens, people may think of various kinds of furniture. It may be wooden outdoor furniture, plastic outdoor furniture, metal outdoor furniture or rattan outdoor furniture. Nowadays, rattan corner sofa set is getting more and more attention and deep loved by people, because its unique rustic and pastoral style is in sharp contrast with the fast-paced style of contemporary society. However, when people buy it back with excitement and happiness, a new problem immediately arises-----Facing a lot of pieces of rattan furniture, how do we buyers assemble it? But don't worry, in view of the attention paid to rattan furniture, I will focus on 4 seater rattan garden furniture and 9pieces rattan garden furniture to explain and teach you how to assemble your rattan furniture set. I hope that the explanation in this article can help you assemble the newly purchased furniture easily.

This consists of 2 rattan armchairs, a rattan double seat sofa, a rattan table and the cushion is also included. Comfortable 4 seater rattan garden furniture is definitely an essential part of your outdoor garden furniture. A rattan chair consists of four parts. When we get these parts, we can lay them flat on the ground around the central part, so that you can know which part corresponds to where. After all the components are correctly identified, we can connect the seat components to the side components on both sides with screws. You will notice that the screw holes already exist. All you have to do is align them and tighten the screws with a screwdriver. When finished, you can turn the chair so that the back of the chair faces you. Pick up the back area of the chair and align the holes to fix it in the correct position. In some cases, the rear area will reach below the seating area. Don't worry, it's normal. Then, I will talk about how to assemble the rattan double seat sofa. It also contains four parts, which you can turn it over first and fix from the bottom screws. After fixing all the screws at the bottom, turn over the sofa again, and then fix the screws of the side parts. In this way, the rattan double seat sofa is assembled. Finally, I will briefly explain the assembly method of rattan table. A rattan table consists of five parts, which are all put together and then tightened with screws. I think the assembly of rattan table is very simple for you, right?

But after installation, how should you check the stability of your furniture? You can shake them gently to see if any parts are loose. If you notice any shaking, please tighten the screws again. If there is no looseness, please make sure to apply some pressure to your assembled furniture. If they can withstand the pressure, it proves that they are perfectly installed and you can use them safely.


This contains a rattan dining table, 4 rattan chairs and 4 rattan stools. The 9-piece set occupies a large area, which is very eye-catching when placed outdoors, and is suitable for many people to get together for chatting or drinking afternoon tea. A practical and beautiful rattan garden furniture set can not only save more space for your garden, but also add elegant atmosphere to your whole garden.

As I said just now, the 9 pieces rattan garden furniture includes a rattan dining table, 4 rattan chairs and 4 rattan stools. You can refer to the above method to assemble your rattan chairs, and match the screws with the parts one by one and tighten them. But don't forget to check the stability of the chair at last. Next, I will briefly talk about the assembly method of rattan stools. A rattan stool can be divided into three parts and a fixed device. The assembly method of rattan stools is simpler than that of rattan dining tables. You only need to put them together and screw down the places with screw holes, so that they are installed. Then, I want to focus on how to assemble the rattan dining table. The rattan dining table is usually one of the easiest parts to decorate in rattan furniture, so you don't need to feel so nervous. First, make sure all parts are there. A rattan dining table usually consists of three fixed legs and a table top made up of four small pieces. First, put the four separated pieces together to make a table top, and then you will find that the screw holes already exist. All you have to do is fix them with screws. Then put the three legs supported below in a crossed way, fix the legs with screws first, then correspond to the screw holes on the table top, and finally tighten the screws with a screwdriver. After you assemble the rattan dining table, you can put some pressure on the table and swing it slightly. If you find any shaking or instability, you can loosen or tighten the screws properly to solve this problem.Detail Drawing
To sum up, I believe you have a new understanding of how to assemble rattan outdoor furniture, and I also believe you have learned how to assemble it. This article mainly explains the assembly methods of two rattan furniture sets, but no matter what kind of furniture it is, for your safe use in the future, please remember to check carefully after you assemble it.

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